Love Letters, Divorce Papers

Chapter 2 Never Serving Them Again

When the doctors had concluded that Makenna had no chance of waking up, only then did Jared agree to marry her.

But Jared had been indifferent to her.

Amber lifted her chin and stared determinedly straight at him, "I'm your wife. Why should I have to move out when she comes back?"

Jared looked over at her with a grim face, and his gaze became more chilling, "Why? Because Makenna told me that you hit her six years ago!"

Amber froze for a moment, then smiled wryly, "Do you believe me when I say I didn't?"

Jared stepped closer to her, and finally forced her into a corner as he snarled, "You think I'll believe that?"

The man kept his dark eyes fixed on her.

There was disgust and contempt in his eyes!

"You're a malicious woman. What Makenna has suffered, I want to inflict them by a thousand time more on you!" Jared's face was stiff.

Amber was shocked by the ruthlessness in the man's eyes.

After six years, even an ice-covered heart should have melted a little?