Love in Prime Years

Chapter 31Who Chopped off Your Finger

“Let go...let go of me...”

Although Lawrence had abandoned her, Amelia still didn’t want him to see her awkward appearance.

Her left hand was weak, and she stretched out her right hand, trying hard to grab her left hand from Lawrence. But how could she fight against Lawrence?

Besides, her blood stuck to the bandages, and he pulled very hard. Amelia suffered great pain, and it was difficult for her to describe the pain in words. In short, she felt so pain that she didn’t have any strength.

Seeing Amelia trying to grab her hand back eagerly, Lawrence smiled even more sarcastically.

Bah!! He thought this hypocritical woman was afraid that he would see through her tricks!

Lawrence suddenly pulled off the bandage from Amelia’s hand with force.

Amelia felt so painful that she couldn’t help twitching, making her heart tremble constantly.

“Amelia, I’d like to see how you pretend to be miserable...”

Lawrence’s voice stopped abruptly. He clenched Amelia’s wrist tightly and stared at the wound on her hand in disbelief. It seemed that he wanted to see through the way she was pretending to be bloody.

But no matter how he stared at Amelia’s hand, he couldn’t find her little finger. Instead, the wound on her severed finger broke open again, and the blood and puss just started oozing through.

Lawrence was so angry that the force in his hand became stronger, almost crushing Amelia’s wrist.

He suddenly got up and caught her by the shoulders tightly. There was a chill and unnoticeable pity in his voice.

“Amelia, where’s your little finger?! Where’s your little finger!”

off your little

then did he realize that she had passed out

to delay at all. He directly picked her up and rushed out of

he forgot to take the elevator, and ran

arm. He almost said subconsciously, “Amelia, you will not hurt soon.

hurt...” Amelia didn’t seem to hear Lawrence’s voice, but just talked

Lawrence felt as if a knife

cut her into pieces. But no matter she fell bone dust or died because she was flayed, he should be the only

assistant Edwin. Edwin was very efficient. When they arrived at the hospital, he had already arranged the

grabbed his collar violently, “She got hurt! She hurts! I

fear. He quietly glanced at Amelia who was placed on the bed.

still said respectfully to Lawrence, “Mr Lawrence, don’t worry. I

stand in front of me intact! Otherwise, I

and wiped off the cold sweat from his forehead. Her little finger was

too much for the

didn’t dare to refute Lawrence directly, so he could only speak cautiously, “Mr Lawrence, is this lady’s severed finger still here? If her broken finger is still there, maybe we can help her connect it. But if

did not continue to speak, but he believed everyone would know what he meant even though he

sapling. If a branch was broken, it can grow another one. But if the severed

where is Miss Amelia’s severed finger? Is it in Willow Alley? I will go to Willow Alley to fetch Miss Amelia’s severed

Although others didn’t know, he knew it because he was Lawrence’s senior

and hatred between him and Amelia. He knew Lawrence had been torturing Amelia all the time but he didn’t expect

to think his boss and Miss Amelia were sadistic lovers. They hurt each other but loved each other. Why

her finger was too cruel! His boss

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