Love in Prime Years

Chapter27 Lawrence Was Jealous

She didn't expect it to be Lawrence and Lillian she was going to serve tonight!

Lillian gently nestled beside Lawrence. Although he didn't talk to her and didn't make too many intimate moves, Amelia still felt uncomfortable.

Reflexively, Amelia wanted to escape. After closing the door quickly, she thought she was ridiculous. He didn't care about her at all, and she didn't need to be bashful.

He came to buy wine and she made money. It was a pleasant transaction. Why not?

Once making up her mind, Amelia no longer retreated. She opened the door of the chamber, forced a smile, and walked in.

She tried to be generous and decent, but her body was too weak. Even if she took a few more painkillers, her legs still trembled uncontrollably as she walked.

Lawrence also saw Amelia, and kept staring at her trembling legs. His eyes were getting colder and colder. The coldness instantly surged into violence that could swallow almost all souls.

She couldn't wait to have sex with Jimmy in the hallway! She was so hungry that she was not picky and choosy!

Her legs were soft. It was really fierce.

Click! The glass cup in Lawrence's left hand shattered, and red wine mixed with bright red blood instantly seeped from his fingers.

"Lawrence!" Seeing that Lawrence was injured, Lillian exclaimed immediately.

"Lawrence, don't worry. I will help you deal with the wound now!"

"It's okay." Lawrence shook off Lillian's hand without leaving a trace, and placed the injured hand behind his back casually.

Lillian was worried, but he didn't want her to bandage him. She didn't dare to mess around, and could only sit anxiously.

she instantly understood the reason for Lawrence's gaffe. She gritted her teeth angrily, trying to pretend to

did you deliberately abuse yourself to attract my sister's attention?" Arthur leaned in front of Lawrence slovenly, grabbed and glanced at his hand, "Tsk tsk, you are so cruel! Come on,

Lawrence left Arthur's hand in disgust. Arthur was still grinning cheekily, but he

the chamber clearly at this time. She did not expect that the famous four young masters in Harper City, Lawrence, Preston, Patrick, and Arthur would gather in this

looked dynamic and sunny. His lovable baby face made women's maternal love overflowing. Therefore, even if she knew he was

the guests open wine bottles, pour wine,

to reduce her sense of existence, walked gently to the table,

a red wine bottle was easy, but she realized it

lacked strength, which affected

the corkscrew in her hand fell

too quiet. Amelia suddenly made such a

help but feel embarrassed because of her poor skills.

originally wanted to behave naturally in

Hearing the

Amelia, who blushed and bowed her head, the lighter in Arthur's hand

he thought

is that gentle, affectionate

unable to stand the

to remain single for a lifetime.

the opener. As soon as her hand

Arthur touched Amelia's hand, he froze in place as if being electrocuted. Because he was so emotional, he forgot to take

who had always been glib, stammered for a while before uttering a complete

expression was very bad. Seeing Arthur's behaviour,

withdrew her hand, and this time she successfully opened the bottle.

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