Love in Prime Years

Chapter14 Don’t touch me

When she worked in the production team, this director helped her, so she had a good impression of him, but she did not expect him to treat her like this tonight.

She would not let him insult her like this, so she struggled to push him away. However, he directly pushed her against the door and started kissing her all over.

“Let me go!”

“Don’t you want money? Then just make me comfortable tonight to earn it.”

Amelia wanted money, crazily. However, she never considered getting money in this way.

Sometimes, she found it funny too. Lawrence made Lillian pregnant, while she was still trying to keep her body clean for him. What was all this for?

She slapped the director’s face hard, and then ran towards the door as he got stunned.

door, the director grabbed her shoulder and threw her onto

Don’t touch

stomach started hurting

started sweating up and collapsed like

well in the beginning, so it

that, he smirked and pressed his

was dying of humiliation, the door got slammed open. Lawrence stood there with his intimidating vibe, bringing Amelia back from

director got up from Amelia’s body and pretended to organize


Let’s do

scaring the shit out of him. Intimidated by Lawrence, the director’s satisfied mood was long gone, “Lawrence,

to have fun tonight. I

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