He took a few steps away and said, "Don't think too much. I don't have a girlfriend, but that doesn't mean I don't have someone I like. "

Simon's eyes lit up. The gossip had already ignited his heart.

He rushed up and accurately pressed Jacob against the wall. "Which one do you like? The breast big girl in the inspection department? The girl in a miniskirt from the injection department? Or the girl in internal medicine division who likes to wear black underwear? "

Glaring at him, Jacob said, "Simon, don't say you know me outside. Look at these girls you mentioned... "

He even noticed the color of the underwear.

He was a doctor when he put on his clothes.

Taking off his medical robe, he must be a beast.

He broke free from his control and walked out of the office. He hadn't been back for days. This afternoon, Mike gave him half a day off. He had to hurry up to do his own business.

It was past twelve o'clock at noon.

He dialed a number.

The pleasant ringtone didn't stop until the mechanical woman's voice rang.

"Sorry, the owner of the phone can't answer your phone now. Please leave your message after the beep."

"This is Jacob." Now she should be busy with the business of lunchtime in the restaurant, right? "Call me back when you see the message. I'll have time to do an examination for you tomorrow. If you're free, I will pick you up tomorrow. "

He looked up at the sky.

The sun in the afternoon of autumn was so warm that people were sweating.

A smile appeared on his face.

Now that everything was settled, he had to do what he wanted to do.

He was used to controlling his rhythm by himself...

Jacob didn't tell his family that the hospital held a press conference for him.

His mother liked to be surprised. He didn't know what she would say if she knew it.

However, when he appeared in the newspaper, it was a memorial after all.

Early in the morning, when Jacob went downstairs to buy some desserts, he also bought an early newspaper.

He had made an appointment with Cherry this morning.

It was not early when she called him last night, and her voice was full of exhaustion.

"Just closed the restaurant?" He asked softly.

"No." Cherry rubbed her sore neck and said, "The restaurant hasn't been closed. I slept for half a day... "

"Sleep?" Jacob was surprised. "Are you not feeling well?" He asked sensitively, "Your body is too overwhelmed. When it's appropriate, you must have a rest."

today, so I took a rest." Said Cherry

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this one... I only have one question. Which one will you choose? If you really can't made a decision,

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