Love Between A Cook And A Doctor

Chapter 45 Sneak Photos

Jonny laughed so hard that his stomach hurt, "Cherry, are you naive or brainwashed? Men in the world are the same, aren't they? No matter how otherworldly he is, he has to take a nap and sleep with a woman, right? Unless he is impotent... "

A pillow was thrown over and covered his mouth.

Cherry glared at him.

He raised his hand in surrender, "Well, I can see that you are really in love. Congratulations."

He walked to the small table, looked at the few dishes, and sighed again. "It's not easy for me to come here, but you don't even want to cook a few dishes. You just asked the waiter deal with it to perfunctory me. Don't you feel sorry to me?"

With an expressionless face, Cherry replied, "I'm really sorry. It's a rule that I only cook one dish a day." She bit her lower lip and said, "I only cook a whole table of dishes for one person. As for others, don't even think about it."

Jonny cried out loudly.

"You are a person who has love but no friendship. Alas, today, I am a local youth who has lost both friendship and love!"

Cherry looked back at him sensitively and asked, "What's wrong with you and Sarah?"

"What do you think?" Although he ordered some food, he didn't eat. He just kept drinking with a smile. "Another two bottles of wine. How can this be enough?"

Cherry frowned and asked, "You haven't got her yet?"

Jonny's face darkened.

After drinking a few glasses of wine, the scars that he had tried to hide seemed to be turned out again, which made his heart ache.

He curled his lips, but his smile was cold.

Staring at the untouched dishes on the table, he squinted slightly and said, "Yes. She said she wouldn't like me. She has someone she likes. "

He gulped down the wine in his glass.

Cherry looked at him with a frown. After a while, she said, "Take it easy. Jonny, since she doesn't like you, leave her alone."

However, Jonny was not reconciled, "She refused me so ruthlessly as if I were a dog, you didn't know that..." He took a deep breath and said, "It's so humiliating. What's worse, she told me that she liked my brother."

He raised his head and laughed, "Stop dreaming. My brother knows I like her and I'm pursuing her. How can he be nice to her? She wants my brother to be a family doctor for her. Does she want a waterfront pavilion to get the moonlight first? I've never seen such an innocent girl! "

He didn't realize that the woman in front of him had changed her face.

"What?" She whispered, "Sarah likes Jacob?"

Hearing that, Jonny frowned. He turned to look at Cherry and asked, "Jacob?" He pursed his lips and said, "When did you become so close to my brother? But he definitely didn't tell you that she had chased him to the hospital and kept sending private photos! "

He gritted his teeth and said, "But I can't stand being fooled like a monkey!"

Cherry's face changed dramatically.

'Jacob and Sarah?'

These two people who couldn't get together...

She couldn't help but think of Sarah's face.

was exceedingly fascinating, just like a princess from

from a rich family should be loved by

a stupid

awkwardly, "Do you think my brother

absentmindedly, holding the glass of

keeping a lukewarm relationship with her for a long time. She couldn't figure out what he was thinking about. Now, she felt that it

would he choose between her

else was also coveting

up with him to the hospital and be with him like Sarah?

she didn't notice that Jonny was staring

"Do you also like

better think about how to be

Jonny snorted.

and his eyes were red. "Don't mention it. If you take

also raised her

was absent-minded the whole morning.

kitchen and made a steamed fish. Then she went back to her office and

red wine to her. When she went to make a dish, three empty red wine bottles were already in front of him.

the table remained untouched, but the cup in front of Jonny had been

come back, he filled her glass

so preoccupied that she drank

had never been so unsure before. Her

didn't know what to

outside and asked

it about the gastroscopy? There's a tough patient recently. I have to stay here for 24 hours. I'll contact you when


answer directly, but asked, "What's wrong with her


sank to the

and said, "I heard her


care? Did he care about her or


have a guest here. I'll call you another

ended the call with a heavy

17 years

she couldn't wait for the right person, maybe that would be the case for

bending over

and pursed his lips, looking a little

for a woman. Maybe he had more

such a tightly pursed lips, and his side face was so similar to that person.

eyes turned

one would think about that she also needed to be taken

Except for Jacob.

feel that no matter how strong a woman was,

he was so close to her and

couldn't see

cared about her, but he

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