Love Between A Cook And A Doctor

Chapter 40 A Spoiled Daughter

While eating the porridge, she said, "Dad, listen to me. You promised me that you would go out to gamble once a week at most. I will keep an eye on you for the rest of this week. Don't try to play tricks with me."

Jerome sighed.

Cherry's heart softened and said, "At the end of the month, I will give you a big platinum ring, so that you can show off to your friends that it's your daughter who gave it to you. What do you think?"

"What a waste..." Jerome said in a low voice, "It will cost more than 10000 dollars. I might as well go to A City to gamble with these money..."


"Nothing." Jerome quickly denied, "I mean, my daughter is really filial."

With a snort, she quickly finished her porridge, packed it up and was about to go out to catch the boat.

Looking at his daughter's back, Jerome couldn't help saying, "Cherry, how about I go with you?"

Without looking back, Cherry went out and said, "Have a good sleep. I'm counting on you to be a chef tonight. I have prepared fried rice for you in the electric cook. Heat it up when you wake up. "

Jerome's heart ached.

The porridge cooked by her daughter was soft and delicious.

However, such a daughter could not only be able to cook in the kitchen, but also be able to deal with thins outside. A girl took a boat across the sea before dawn. Like a group of bare armed men, she competed the seafood with people in a fishing boat ashore and carried the seafood back to our home...

He was too useless to help his daughter.

However, he hoped that her daughter could find a good husband and ask him to help her.

The man looked good last night.

Although he didn't say anything, he was more efficient and clear minded than Cherry.

In the past, he thought that the restaurant would be in a mess if Cherry was gone. He didn't expect that the calm man could completely suppress those workers.

The shop assistant whispered to him that all the people in the restaurant knew that Cherry had a special impression of this man.

Moreover, the problem was that no one dared to say no to that kind of poker face.

'Could I pack up your daughter and send her there?'

Jerome began to think about it seriously.

"Check your stomach." The voice on the phone was steady and indifferent, just like its owner.

"I don't have time..." A big bare armed man came out with a large box of fresh fish on his shoulder. When he saw Cherry, he greeted, "Miss Cherry!"


"Yes!" The man grinned from ear to ear. 'Wow, it sounds much better than my wife.' He looked around and found that his wife didn't notice him. He quickly carried the fish and ran towards Cherry.

"Here you are." He took out a big bag from the bottom and said, "Here are some big Mantis shrimps. Don't worry. I didn't drug them at all. You can eat them yourself."

want more, okay? The guests were all praising you yesterday. It's said that Irvin's fish are first-class and fresh without any chemicals, which is very conscientious in the

laughed. He flipped through the boxes quickly and picked out all the fresh fish. "Take them. Mantis shrimps

them shouted, "Irvin, are you dizzy again when seeing the beauty? We are all in line. Why did you cut the

rush?" Irvin spat, "Why didn't your parents make you look better? Cut the line for you instead of the beauty?


you looking for trouble?" It was not too much to describe the woman's voice with

said, "Honey, of course, compared with

woman rushed over

said, "Okay, okay, Mrs. Irvin, I'll pay a high price to buy your fish. I really like them. I came to the harbor specially to buy your fish.

guests have bought them up. I don't dare

her daughter, Mrs. Irvin's expression softened. "Your eyes are sharp that you specially went here to buy our fish." She mumbled, "If you like them, just

City for study, this girl agreed to help without hesitation. Now, her daughter had received the notice from the school.

her, how could her daughter receive an interview notice? They had

widened her eyes and then they

to Jacob on the phone,

it." He said in a non-negotiable tone, "Your stomach is going to have a big problem

me, now you're calling just to rush me." Cherry pouted, "You made my father misunderstand me last night. I can't

will be responsible for

responsibility!" She pouted, "I really can't go there today. My father won't come to the restaurant at noon. I

before work tomorrow

pouted, "Who let you make the decision for

stunned by

you ask me to take the responsibility?" He raised his


here." He

and sweet in her

a little shy and simple, "All right. Then you have to wait

said firmly.

However, he especially made her want to rely on

that I'm with

you'll ignore me?" He continued.

smiled, "I have a patient

it her illusion? Why did she feel that there was a hint of attachment



she picked up the boiled rice from time to time, which was almost

couldn't have breakfast or water this morning.

have a gastroscopy. If

stunned her

daughter!" Jerome rushed up. "Did your

make sense. It seemed that there were still many

thought flashed through his

'Damn it!'

up and tell Daddy. Don't

turned around and rolled her eyes, "Dad, don't be so surprised, okay? I was almost scared to death

the spoon into the pot and said, "You can have breakfast now. I won't eat anything. I have

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