Love Between A Cook And A Doctor

Chapter 39 Stomachache (Part Two)

"What?" Her ears moved and she turned around.

He was silent.

The soup in front of him was obviously more tempting than her questioning.

He ate porridge and meatballs wholeheartedly and turned a deaf ear to her questions. He didn't even respond.

He couldn't even make a sound even if he was hit by a stick!

Cherry angrily lay down on her chair.

Her stomach was warm, and the pain was fading away gradually.

He finally turned around and said to her, "Go to bed. I'll help you look after your restaurant."

"No, I won't. You'll make me lose money later."

Although she said so, she felt strangely relieved.

Her eyelids were heavy.

She got up early in the morning and took a boat to the C City for the wholesale of seafood. It was not early to finish the night snack business and close the restaurant. She kept thinking every day, but in fact, she didn't have much time to rest at all.

Now, even her disordered stomach was so comfortable, and her eyelids could not help but become heavy...

She was so sleepy that she just needed to sleep for a while.

At night, it began to rain again in the autumn night of the H City.

The autumn night was getting colder and colder.

But she didn't feel it at all.

her, there was a warm body snuggling up to her, like

getting closer to the heat

held her tighter.

choked with sobs, and even the


was alive, she didn't have to

by herself, or


said, "I'm here.

person who loved her most had gone, the person who wanted to be strong

She sobbed.

on the back and

her tearful eyes.

eyes met

said lightly, "That's good. You can come

her down from his

with her body, it was not difficult to imagine how he carefully protected her in his arms when he sent her

and quickly took out the key to hide her shyness. "By

told me." He looked down

up at him in shock and asked, "You

for her to get married as soon as possible, so that he could play mahjong and gamble little money every day happily. Now it was over. He had already suspected that she had a boyfriend. Now, the appearance of Jacob,

no longer complain her father's

say anything?" She said weakly.

me to tell you that he

Jacob said.

'Damn it.

you push me into someone else's

you need anything tonight. " He watched her open the door and said goodbye.

waved at him

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