He lifted a strand of her hair and said, "Cherry, I won't let you go. Listen carefully. "

His eyes were full of determination.

She couldn't help but take a step back.

She was wrong. She shouldn't have provoked such a person!

Nancy opened the door, cried all the way and rushed into her room.

Donna was sleeping in the afternoon, but she didn't wake up.

Only Jacob, who came back home after finishing his night shift, was awakened by the cry.

"Nancy, Nancy." He knocked on the door for fear that his younger sister would be wronged.

"Leave me alone, all of you!" Nancy covered her head with a pillow and cried, "Let me be alone, okay?"

Anyway, no one cared about her and no one really liked her.

What her mother cared about was her three sons.

Her father simply thought she didn't exist in this family.

Now, she finally had a vague figure in her heart, and he was completely not interested in her.

Was life so miserable? She deserved to live without any sound all her life.

Her brother was excellent, and her younger brother had to be protected. Only she was nothing.

In that case, why should she live?

Why did they give birth to her?

Could they just leave her alone?!

She covered her ears and cried heartbrokenly.

Jacob stopped knocking at the door.

He quickly turned the doorknob and walked into the room.

"Who bullied you?" He held his tearful younger sister into his arms and said, "Tell me!"

"No, no!" Nancy refused him. "I'm just an idiot. I cry by myself, okay?"

Nancy had always been obedient. Even when she was crying, she just cried silently and rarely had such an extreme reaction.

The more she behaved like this, the more worried Jacob was.

He grabbed her shoulder and said, "I'll help you no matter how serious the matter is!"

He couldn't help but think in a bad direction. She was so stupid. How miserable had she been bullied?

"Brother, leave me alone..." She hugged her brother back and said, "No one will like me anyway..."

"Who doesn't like you?" He stroked his younger sister's hair.

"Well... That Moore... " Speaking of this man, Nancy's tears almost drowned Jacob. "He loves someone else. In that case, why did he kiss me that night?"

word touched Jacob's heart.

whole body tensed up. "What?

chest heaved

Which hand did he touch her with? I'll

wrong person..." Nancy didn't realize the key to her brother's anger. She just cried, "He loves Cherry, but I

running out of function.

know her, her name is Cherry Shen." She sniffed, "They went on a date today... I ordered roses for him... They

more she spoke, the more she felt that she was too week!

like me, don't kiss me. Don't go on a blind date with me. Don't let me like him. He likes that kind of

hadn't finished crying, but there was nobody in front

Jacob was gone.

even louder, "Brother, please listen to

cry so

walked out of his room and casually put

Nancy was too scared to cry, "Don't go,


go, she could comfort

feel so humiliated if her brother went there.

"Don't go!"


up with him, he had already rushed

a bitch! Who

he was going to take advantage of

car and

in the kitchen. Sitting on the chair at the door of the kitchen, Moore supported his head with his hands and looked at her with

fingertips danced between the white porcelain dishes, as tender


down because of the action of kneading

eyes on her.

over. He picked

almost threw the porcelain plate

shock, "You... Moore, you really scared me. This is the kitchen of our restaurant. You can't come in. It's irresponsible to customers. " She took a deep

also looked at them and asked Cherry if

hands and said, "I promise I won't make any trouble. I'll

against the rules. You can go out now. " Cherry shivered.

to play cute again,

We are not open now, so you can't come in. If you want to have dinner here tonight, our seats are full. Please

I'm looking for Cherry!

put down the seafood at hand and raised her voice, "Judy, let him in.

the female boss had said so. She took a

out, "Why are you here

see him. But when she saw his gloomy face, her heart sank.

at her, Jacob asked, "Is Moore here with

and asked, "Are

had already lifted the curtain and followed Cherry out of the kitchen. "Is that your


title should be able to

front of her, and a huge low pressure enveloped

else, he asked alone, "Are you



completely out of sync.

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