"By the way, Nancy." He raised his voice and said, "Order a bunch of roses for me. I'll give it to my girlfriend this afternoon."

"Okay." Nancy suppressed her sadness.

'He has a girlfriend...'

Was she the one he mistook for last time?

She really wanted to see who that person was...

Moore was really fast.

He handled the business of the auction house in an hour.

He also treated them to lunch. He was on time and was about to get off work at two o'clock.

"If my father looks for me this afternoon, you can tell him that I have a stomachache and go to see a doctor. I'll be back soon after my diarrhea, okay? " Moore stared at Nancy and taught her word by word.

"Well, I see." She nodded to give him the standard answer.

"No. Tell me again. If he finds out the truth later, my father won't spare me. "

"You have a stomachache. Go to see a doctor. You'll be back later." Nancy repeated helplessly.

How stupid was she in his eyes?

"That's good." He nodded in satisfaction.

He slammed the door open, jumped into his complacent car and drove at full speed.

What he didn't know was that as soon as he went out, Nancy grabbed her bag and followed him. She hailed a taxi and followed his sports car all the way.

Moore bought new clothes in a famous brand clothing store and couldn't wait to change into them.

A large bouquet of roses.

Sweet mango cake.

Moore was well equipped.

His car stopped at the gate of the amusement park, and he jumped off smartly and entered the gate.

Nancy followed him immediately.

The taxi driver leaned on the steering wheel, almost foaming at the mouth.

As an experienced driver, he couldn't stand such a guest rushing forward at 100 miles per hour.

The girl was following him all the way. Maybe she was catching a mistress. He wanted to see the fun, but he got carsickness... How miserable...

Nancy ran to the door and was about to enter, but was stopped.

"Are you going to buy tickets?" She took out her credit card.

"I'm sorry, Miss. The gentleman has booked the whole amusement park today." The doorman politely invited her out. "So we won't receive any other guests this afternoon."

Why was he so extravagant? 'Book an amusement park?'

She was a little anxious. "I know the gentleman who went in just now."

The guard looked at her and said, "How about you call that gentleman to confirm with him? We can't let anyone in. Sorry, please understand our work. "

Nancy flinched.

she came out with him, he would be furious and scold

shook her head

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car approached

gray casual car stopped and the door opened, a neat

Nancy's eyes widened.

her under the tree, but she had already seen her clearly.

It was Cherry.

it seemed that her brother also

one that Moore

phone, Moore said that it was because

felt indescribable pain in her heart.

achieve such a character as Cherry all

a person, then she would never be the type he

walk into the amusement park. Moore opened his arms and held her in his

I'm really afraid

light, his good-looking thin lips moved, and every word was like scratching her

stand it anymore.

cried, covered her mouth and

wanted to go home and cry

of being broken up was really

two people in the amusement park didn't notice her leaving at

politely and stepped back quickly. "Is this European style? I know you came back from studying abroad, so I accept this

more she pretended to know nothing,

raised his eyebrows.

let's see how long she can

won't mind the etiquette of sending roses to a beautiful

said, "Although I'm not a beautiful girl, since you said so, if I don't take it, as if I look down upon myself." She was very smart and gave him

"Of course for


look so childish. Why...

reached out and pulled her

he had already pulled her and ran all the way.

was wearing high heels. She almost

on in." He opened the iron door of the Ferris wheel and gently helped her up.

stood up

wanted to do something to her,

to leave

be afraid." He misunderstood her meaning. "It's driving very slowly, and I'll

and thought, 'Come on, I'm just worried

got into the Ferris wheel and closed the door.

his hand and the Ferris wheel started slowly.

with a big bouquet of roses in her hand, which was in the middle

He smiled sweetly, and the affection in his eyes was so


silence. "You, you asked me to come here just

so affectionately

finger, moved close to her and whispered, "Don't speak now.


felt sorry

afraid." He

matter how strong the woman was, there

feel that she was weak,

awkwardly, "I'm not

to be a little closer to her.

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