There were so many cars on the road. His car turned left and right, dodged and slammed on the brake. He was driving casually, but Nancy was almost choked by his bumps.

She had no time to talk to him. She wanted to throw up and get out of the car...

A Benz whizzed past Moore. The driver rolled down the window and looked back at him. "The convertible is driving at such a speed?"

Moore narrowed his eyes and said, "How dare you provoke me?"

He stepped hard on the accelerator and the car sped up again.

The two cars fought against each other as if there were only the two cars on the road.

They were happy, but Nancy was miserable.

She covered her mouth and was about to vomit.

"Wait, wait..."

As soon as she opened her mouth, her tongue was almost stuck out by the wind.

"What are you doing?" He had a bad attitude.

"Can you stop for a while?" She almost vomited in his car.

He pulled over reluctantly.

She didn't care about her image. She ran to the roadside and vomited heavily.

"Gee." He sat in the car and looked at her from a distance. "Sorry, I just like racing. I'm a professional racing driver, so... "

She wiped her mouth silently and sat back in the car.

"Let's go." Her eyes were full of tears.

She felt so bad...

He didn't move.

He just said, "So, Miss Nancy, my car can only accept a woman who is suitable for my speed. I don't think you can get used to it, understand? "

She lowered her head and bit her lower lip tightly.

She just didn't want him to see the tears in her eyes.

"You are not me. You don't know if I can or not." She whispered.

He didn't hear her. He just clenched the steering wheel and looked straight ahead. "I'll drive you back. Tonight, just pretend that you haven't seen me."

Tears welled up in her eyes.

Her fingers tightly grasped the hemline of her knees, and her fingertips turned pale.

He didn't care, and he couldn't care either.

She was just a passer-by. Why should he care so much?

The car whizzed a few times and finally drove a little bit normally this time.

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Moore felt disgusted.

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an interview. The human resources department has informed her of it. If there wasn't a small accident, she wouldn't have been unable to make it." Anyway,

"Forget it. I just said that. You can't break the rules of your company. My daughter is also very stupid.

the legal procedures. A pure girl like her would learn everything very soon. Moore was so stupid. He had just entered the company and messed up everything. Besides,



on his face. "Nancy, come to the company tomorrow. I

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love with York Nelson when he was young. Now that he had a son, he would use him as a tool to get close to the man he had fallen in love with when he

What a shame.

his father picked him up in the rubbish heap!

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"We have coffee."

"Ice cream for girls?"

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What the hell.

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was an undeniable fact that Nancy worked in the company.

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when the coffee was served,

black coffee beans, floating or sinking, greeted him

Mr. Moore, have some coffee."

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