Love Between A Cook And A Doctor

Chapter 32 Old Acquaintance

The smile on Peter's face disappeared, and he said helplessly, "I seemed to be too tired yesterday. I felt my heart uncomfortable last night, so I wanted to come here to have a look. In fact, I usually ask a private doctor to come to my house. Can you arrange it for me?"

"Don't worry." Jacob handed the business card to Peter and said, "Call me at any time."

He opened the register and said, "How about this? I'll make an ECG for you first, and then I'll make a nutritious plan for you according to the results, okay?"

For these rich people, it was nothing more than curing them when they had a disease, and keeping fit when they had no disease.

If there was really a disease, there would be no major problem missing after so many times of screening and private doctor's examination.

Health care was the theme of the whole Z Country, and Peter was no exception.

Sure enough, he nodded with satisfaction. "Yes, I don't want you to prescribe a lot of medicine for me. The previous doctors just like to prescribe medicine. Alas, all medicine have poisons, and the doctor who can only prescribe medicine is not a good doctor."

Jacob just smiled lightly and didn't interrupt.

Looking at the beautiful handwriting on the report, Peter couldn't help asking, "Is there anything wrong with my heart?"

"You always feel tired, probably because of age. In addition to daily health care, I also hope you can take heart-saving pills with you."

Once the time passed, there was nothing he could find out about the heart problem.

The only way was to prepare heart-saving pills regularly.

When Peter saw his signature, he was surprised. "Ah, your surname is Nelson..." He couldn't help smiling, "This surname is rare in H City. Is your ancestor from the J City?"

Jacob nodded, "Yes. My ancestors are Manchurian. "

No wonder he had such a handsome face. It was true that he had the bloodline of an ethnic minority.

"I also know a man whose surname is Nelson. He is my senior schoolmate in the University. He helped me a lot at that time, but unfortunately, I can't meet him now."

"May I know your friend's name?"

In H City, people whose family name was Nelson were more or less related to his family.

"York Nelson. At that time, he was an excellent student. In our school, he was the idol of girls. "

"York Nelson?" What a coincidence. Jacob couldn't help smiling, "He is my father."

"Really? Ah, how is your father? When can we meet? "

Closing the file, Jacob said, "I can arrange it for you as long as you want. My father's time is quite flexible. He is a professor in the University. "

"Alas." Peter said with a smile, "He was a good student and now even becomes a professor. I feel ashamed of myself." He looked at Jacob with unspeakable satisfaction. "If I have a daughter, I really want to marry her to you, then we can be the families."

Sweat broke out on Jacob's forehead.

Fortunately, the He Clan didn't have a daughter.

He changed the topic to another one. "I'll make a recovery plan for you. You and my father can talk over the phone first."

When he finished his work, Peter was still chatting with York on the phone.

After hanging up the phone, Peter looked at Jacob excitedly, "You have a younger sister?"

Hearing that, the corners of Jacob's mouth froze. "Well, yes..."

I'm going to meet my idol. I'm going to discuss with him about his daughter and my son. Alas, York has raised such a great son, and his daughter must be very excellent. My son... Well,


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lower lip and said after a while, "Because... Because... " She hesitated for a long time.

Jacob frowned.

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