Love Between A Cook And A Doctor

Chapter 27 A Place for Fun

Moore was this kind of people, so was his elder brother.

"But..." He rolled his eyes.

To be honest, he wasn't interested in getting in touch with those rich people. He was not a woman. It would be troublesome if one of them fell in love with him.

However, since he had to go there and didn't want to offend others, the person who held his invitation card was none other than Jonny Nelson.

But it didn't matter who the face under the mask was.

He chuckled and suddenly stood up.

"In that case, I will definitely go." He patted the back of the agent's hand and said, "Well, I'll go home for dinner tonight. I can go there by myself tomorrow night. "

"You must go..." The agent couldn't catch up with him and could only shout behind him in vain.

He waved his hand smartly and soon disappeared.

He drove very fast. It was not the rush hour and there were not many cars. Soon, he arrived at home.

Donna was still busy in the kitchen, and in the living room, there was only Nancy.

Nancy was staring blankly at a jar of goldfish.

"Are you bored?" A voice suddenly appeared beside her ear.

She screamed and waved her hands. The palm sized goldfish tank was thrown up and fell heavily.

Bang! Bang!

She couldn't help closing her eyes.

"Nancy!" The voice behind her was as cold as ice, but it was still familiar.

When Nancy opened her eyes and turned around in shock, she saw Jonny.

She stuttered, "Well... Brother... Uh... How could it be you... "

Jonny narrowed his eyes and said, "Or, who do you think it is?"

Hearing the noise, Donna also came out of the kitchen.

"Oh my God..." She couldn't help laughing. Jonny turned his head and glanced at her. His mother laughed even more happily.

Nancy couldn't help laughing and said, "Brother, you look so creepy!"

'Oh my God! My brother's face is darker than my mother's pot bottom.'

Of course it was dark.

The fish tank she threw hit his head.

A few goldfish were put on his well dressed hair and a few water weeds were hung on his ears.

However, it was really chic, although the little fish jumping above his head was indeed a little funny.

'Too bad!'

She jumped up.

water, the fish would

her mother used for soup, and said, "Fish, make do with

Jonny looked at his younger

boring are you? At least you can get a dog. When you

had been destroyed. 'Keeping a dog

"Brother, don't be angry... I'm waiting for the offer. I've been interviewed for several days,

her hand and

smell was still very

put the cloth in front of his nose and smelled it. His face darkened. "Nancy, what did this

of the kitchen and looked around, "Nancy, did you see my rag? I was wiping the

in his hand

and said, "Hmm... Mom, maybe... Maybe it is here...

said, "I wiped the floor halfway, but I couldn't find it anywhere. It turns out that

"Uh." said Jonny.

he have dinner

rag on the

Why did you take it to the

her back to her mother, Nancy

forget what he had seen just now.

"Nancy, you have nothing to do anyway. How about I introduce a

"Dad said you would take me into the entertainment circle. I... I can't...


not ugly at all. Why

and said, "It's okay that

children, they probably gave all their brain cells to the three brothers. When it came to the daughter, it was obvious that the quality of their cells was very poor. The girl they gave birth to was so stupid that she almost had no voice at home.

Donna liked her sons more. It was obvious that the opposite

tomorrow night. I have something to deal with, so I can't go. Will you go? I've prepared the clothes for you. You can take the opportunity

eyes lit

fun there. They are all young people. " He snickered,

shyly, "Then what should

will bring all the clothes here tomorrow,

feel bored at home anyway.

the invitation card and put it in front of her. "Then have a good time. I'll ask the driver to send you back and forth. The party is held in

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a spoon of soup.

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screamed, "Mom, how can you stew Ganoderma Lucidum with my

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to cry, "Mom, you have

why there was a little

He put down the bowl and said, "Okay, I'm done. Nancy, I'll

Nancy nodded repeatedly.

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