Love Between A Cook And A Doctor

Chapter 24 Kidnapping Case

She followed the older police into the police car.

As soon as the door was closed, she was handcuffed.

She was shocked. "No, what are you doing?"

"Miss Cherry, now we suspect that you are related to a kidnapping case. I hope you can cooperate with the investigation. You have the right to keep silent."

Cherry blinked and said, "What? What kidnapping? I... I'm really not... "

"As for confession, let's go to the police station to record it. I advise you to confess your partner. Otherwise, what will wait for you is the judgment of the court. "

'Damn it!

I've heard that someone helping people was wronged, but I haven't heard that someone helping people was arrested by the police.'

"I am a good citizen!" Cherry was so angry that she bit her lower lip. She knew it was useless to argue with these people now. "I have to wait for that person to wake up!"

"Sorry, we are also waiting." The policeman shrugged and drove his car.

However, in this kidnapping case, the kidnapper's blackmail phone was a woman's voice, which meant that there must be a woman involved in this case. Just at this moment, such a woman called the police.

Whether it was right or not, he would lock her back first.

Seeing that there was no way to delay, Cherry had to beg him, "Could I leave a message to a doctor friend here? Don't let him can't find me later. "

"Leave a message to your partner?" It's a pity that the police didn't write novels with his imagination. He snorted and said, "We won't miss any one of the kidnappers in the police station."

Cherry rolled her eyes.

If she was really a kidnapper, she would have slapped the policeman for several times.

He had no sense at all. She wanted to complain him!

However, compared with the complaint, the most important thing was that this guy really treated her as a thief.

The people in the reconnaissance room seemed to be facing a formidable enemy.

A policewoman came over and searched all over Cherry's body.

The phone, wallet and key were all kept.

The bright table lamp was turned on, the light came straight into her eyes.

She looked away and felt humiliated.

"What's your name?" There were three people sitting in the reconnaissance room. One with beard, one as thin as a monkey, and the other was a policewoman, looked at Cherry from head to toe.

"My name is Cherry Shen. "

"Poor name." The man with whiskers poked the paper with a pen and said, "How to spell it? Can you write down it here? "

How rude he is!

almost lost her

card. This is a felony offender. If we write the wrong name, the judge will blame

man with whiskers, who called

show them. The policewoman was a smart woman. She flipped over her

wallet? Does it

voice, "Look at you. You

the policewoman reminded him in a low voice, "the streetwalker is also the object we are

Vincent hiccupped and said, "Well, tell me the truth. Otherwise, my fists will not recognize beautiful women or ugly

a kidnapper. When that person wakes up, you will

have shown you the photos I took. I found him at


are you running?" Vincent's attention

two reminded him in a

yes. I meant what if he dies?" Vincent also found something wrong. "Bah! He can't die. Otherwise, Mr. He will peel off our skin! Tell me, where did the fifty million

angry, Cherry

idiots, it turned out that they had paid the money, but the hostage was gone. They finally

was, how could she, an innocent person, spit

need a lawyer." She couldn't stand these

you to cooperate

room's door was opened, and a policeman came in and whispered

her out? How can a kidnapper be bailed?

me. You slandered me without any evidence. I can

was complained

do to deal with such a ruffian

she was curious about who would bail her out?

Was it...

should have happened in

The policemen whispered.

finally stood up and said, "Okay, we will investigate it. You two watch her. I'm going

of it just now. Humph, you'd better pray that there is a monitor in your back door, so that we can know

install the surveillance camera at the back door? To record someone

warning Cherry, Vincent turned around complacently and was about to take

The policewoman exclaimed.

the door and said,

was opened, Vincent fell heavily

in the police

front of him, had a

for him, he didn't need to pay the highest respect

up from the ground and snorted. Then he looked up at the tall man

"I'm the attending physician of the hostage you mentioned.

sorry. She is a suspect in an important case. According to the rules, she

on the ground, and his whiskers moved, which was very

door was ruthlessly

of pity on Jacob's face and his mouth shape,

thin policeman quickly blocked her sight, she understood

is as soon as possible, so that you can be the cooperating witness. We will plead with the court for you and sentence you a few

she suddenly laughed.

place. She was in panic and had to constantly cheer herself

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