Love Between A Cook And A Doctor

Chapter 23 A Strange Injured Man

She stood up slowly and put the account books into her car.

The manager looked at her helplessly and had no way to resist.

"By the way," She suddenly turned around and said, "In order not to make the investigation wrong, I have to report it to the clean government office tomorrow. Why don't you go with me tomorrow? Aren't you the manager? You are the most persuasive person in what you are in charge of... "

"Miss. Cherry." He couldn't stand it anymore. "I will resign after the bill is paid."

"Why will you resign?" She pretended to be surprised. "You did a good job. Is it you who made a fake account?"

"No, it's not me." He wiped his sweat and said, "I want to tell you for a long time..."

"All right." Without any hesitation, Cherry said, "You want to resign by yourself. I don't need to pay you the severance pay, right?"

He gritted his teeth and said, "Yes."

"That's good. I don't want you to have to cooperate with the investigation. " Cherry got on the car gracefully.

The car started slowly, and her eyes became deep.

Fight with her?

She didn't call the police right away, which was enough to give him time.

Severance pay?

'I'm sorry. I won't give him a penny!'

It was raining outside.

A few days after the opening ceremony, the customers in the restaurant had been stabilized.

It was raining outside. In addition to the guests who had made an appointment, there were only a few people who came to the restaurant to have some simple food at the outer table.

When the kitchen was idle, Jerome immediately asked several workers to play mahjong. Cherry simply ignored him and sat in front of the counter, only looking at the rain outside the window.

In front of her was a long glass cabinet, in which there were gifts from some important guests.

In the middle was the precious Lafite.

She stared blankly at it, feeling somewhat melancholy.

Was it just like what Adela said that a strong woman like her was actually very feminine and needed men to take care of?

No, she didn't think she needed it.

She bit her lower lip and looked down at the phone.

He had her number.

She had his number.

But he never called her.

She was a little flustered.

Did he have no feelings for her at all? Such a cold man showed a warm expression to her and even sent her a gift specially...

But she didn't dare to call him.

What if he had no feelings for her at all?

She buried her whole face in her arms.

What a shame...

in a

'Call him or not...'

hesitating, the last table of

rain hadn't stopped yet. She looked up and was almost scared

what are

in front of her. With a pitiful look on his face, Jerome asked, "Can I go out for a walk after the

raining outside."

knew what he wanted

been with you for a week... I, your father, is so boring...

are your eyes

defeated. "Don't you have a boyfriend? Ask your boyfriend to keep you company and give dad

stared at him sensitively, "Boyfriend? What boyfriend?

around all pricked up their ears at the same

covered his mouth.

spilled the beans. Her

and said, "Forget it. I'm leaving now. You're responsible for


Cherry sighed.

be unsafe for her to go home

in playing those rounds

in the evening when

closed the door

back alley. As soon as the rain got them wet, the waste water would

temples throbbed when she saw

the back kitchen tomorrow must be punished by

grabbed the broom, quickly swept the trash into the trash can and pushed it to the

dripping and the back alley was

the rubbish, there

Why did someone throw

was about to throw it back. When she touched the hand of the

like a puppet's

feeling, the

object lying on the garbage

blood at the corner of his

took a deep breath.

vivid... Absolutely... It must be a

out her hand and put it under

He was breathing!

a living

She was shocked.

was here, she had to save

her mobile phone and took a picture of this scene. Then she drove the car to the alley and

face was as pale as paper, and his

put him on the back seat, and the car had been stained with blood for a

coat, pulled out a blanket and wrapped him tightly.

patted his cheek and said, "Can you hear

Cherry took her drinking cup, dipped some tissue in

the hospital right away. I'm the one who saved you.

nodded slightly.

went back to the driver's seat and started

but Cherry had no

dialed a number that she had always wanted to call today.

The man's voice was steady.

She steadied her voice,

replied lightly.

car around and said, "I want

minutes." He didn't hesitate.

ask for

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