Love Between A Cook And A Doctor

Chapter 20 the Sarah Yacht

But it didn't matter.

Since she entered the school, she had gained a lot of jealousy and envy because of her identity as the daughter of the gambling king. Jonny's pursuit was just the icing on the cake.

Compared with those stars, she was more curious about the person who was leaning against the railing not far away and sipping red wine alone.

He turned his side face to her. From her point of view, that face was extraordinarily handsome. Compared with Jonny who had a cheeky smile, that face was much colder. However, it was such a person that attracted her attention.

Today, it was her graduation journey.

He was on her yacht which was setting sail for the first time. Why didn't he say anything to her?

Didn't he know that she was the protagonist today?

She glanced at her friends. They had been taking pictures with the stars obsessively.

She raised the corners of her mouth, tightened her soft shawl, and walked towards the man.

The man happened to put the glass on the deck, slowly turned around and walked into the cabin. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared.

Sarah was stunned.

She strode to catch up with him. Unexpectedly, a smile appeared in the cabin. "Hmm? Missing me? You can't wait to see me? All right, I'm just going to set up the show tonight. "

Jonny blinked at her.

She couldn't help but look inside. "Who was the person who walked in just now?"

Jonny pretended to be silly and said, "It's me. Is there anyone else?"

"Of course! The man is wearing light gray casual clothes! " Sarah stamped her feet.

Jonny was surprised and asked, "What? Did you see a ghost? I didn't see it. "

He held her in his arms and said, "Don't be afraid. I'm here."

She pushed him away and said, "Who said I was afraid? I'm not afraid at all, okay? "

Jonny held her even tighter and said, "If you're not afraid, then that's good. I'm so afraid. Ouch..."

Sarah was defeated by him. "You're so annoying. Let go of me..."

He laughed and let go of her. Instead, he held her hand and led her into the cabin. "Well, who was that? Have a good look. On one is here. "

He smiled slyly.

In the brightly lit cabin, the space was not too big. It was obvious that except the two of them, there was no other person in the cabin.

"I couldn't be wrong." She rubbed her eyes.

Just now, such a big living person had been leaning on the railing for so long. Did she see it alone?

"Well, let's go out to have a drink and enjoy the sea breeze. Today, you are the protagonist. You can't run away. " Jonny chuckled, put his arm around her shoulder and took her back to the deck.

'I'm sorry. My brother has nothing to do with you. You can meet him after you become a member of the Nelson Clan.'

There were always some doubts in Sarah's mind. She drank a glass of wine absentmindedly and felt a little breathless.

"Damn it!" She said to herself, forced herself to calm down and stood up.

"I need to go to the bathroom." She said as if nothing had happened.

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