When he took off his white coat, she saw clearly that his hand was bandaged, her eyes turned red.

"Your hand..." She asked with concern.

"Nothing serious. But there are too many wounds. It's troublesome to apply the gauze bit by bit. " He comforted her lightly.

"Let's go." She urged.

Jacob looked back at Simon.

Simon had already curled up in the corner, completely shadowed. "You can have lunch with the beauty. I'll have it alone..."

He almost cried, biting the handkerchief.

Cherry couldn't help laughing.

"This guy can't live without playing tricks." said Jacob awkwardly.

The lunch for the two was very simple. They sat down in a clean small restaurant and ordered rice with sauce.

Cherry put a small invitation card in front of him and said, "My new restaurant will open next weekend. On the first day, only friends are invited. Please come when you can."

Jacob picked up the card, "Private House? Private home cuisine? Who will do it? "

Cherry poked her nose and said, "My father and I."

"I understand. It was very important to have a doctor in that kind of occasion. I will bring the medicine you need. "

She was stunned for a long time and realized that he was joking. She bit her lower lip and pouted, "What? My father is a famous chef in a big restaurant in H city. I'm also good at cooking. Really... " She looked at him as if she was blaming him, "You can ask Jonny. He often takes me to his apartment to cook night snack."

Speaking of Jonny, he was surprised and said, "Ah, you're going to be a cook..."

"Be the boss." Cherry didn't forget to correct him.

"What about Jonny? He doesn't have an agent, does he? "

"How could it be?" Cherry smiled, "A lot of people want to be his agent. He is just a big money tree. Who doesn't love him? "

"You love him too?" He whispered.

Her eyes turned red. She poked the rice in her plate and smiled bitterly. "No, I can't love him."

He seemed to have realized something.

Indeed, Jonny had an outstanding appearance and was good at sweet words to please girls. After getting along with him for five years, how could they not have feelings for each other?

In that case, why should she leave?

himself that when he and his mother left on the day of the car was smashed, Jonny took Cherry away. The quarrel between the two could even

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prove himself so much that he didn't care about others'

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at this moment, he could only say lightly, "There are some things that Jonny hasn't figured out yet. Maybe even he himself

on her face just now were all gone, as if he had seen it wrong.

whatever he

Jacob never heard of that name, "Is she a female

the A City. She was beautiful, smart and rich. Only a woman like her could win Jonny's heart. Do you still think he doesn't know what he

Jacob frowned.

were too realistic

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go there. Don't worry. I'll go to support you. " He had no choice

cannot stand always on one side. Aren't we

He clinked his cup


partner, and the other was a friend.

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She didn't dare to take a deep breath,

makeup artist quickly opened the door. Sarah opened her eyes and looked at the person in the mirror. "What are

said, "You're more beautiful than flowers. Even if I don't come, I keep missing you. So I come. I

eyes. "Your features are born for ancient costume. Have you ever considered signing up as an actress? I will make you famous

him. Even if her tone was unfriendly, who would mind? Such a beauty, if she

you can't be the heroine once

it. He wouldn't have agreed to let me show up in public if I

and shook it in front

sat up straight.

Even if she wanted to pretend that she didn't care, she couldn't help but look happy.

recorded in the recording studio last time. I've customized a song for you according to your voice characteristics. There's no problem with Zack. I've told him to take that song as the theme song of this

head with his hand and looked at her good-looking. "Sarah, you will be

face away and said with a complacent and charming smile, "All right, I know you are good to me. That's enough. I don't want to live on

magic that everyone want to help you do

finger on his lips. "Playboy, keep these words for your assistant. When she saw me, she was cold, as if I owed her a lot of money. Are you speaking ill of me in

She can't be like this, can she?

dare she put on a long face to

her to cook for me. She said she was an agent, not a cook. I don't want her

okay." Jonny put his arm around her shoulder and comforted her carefully,

didn't know that Cherry had resigned, so he wanted to sell her a favor.

Sarah blinked her eyes in surprise.

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