Love Between A Cook And A Doctor

Chapter 17 Why Didn't She Go to Rob (Part One)

Richard raised his head and stared at the woman in front of him. "What are you doing? How much does it have to do with you? "

Adela stared at him and said, "Richard Nelson, no one should pay for your stupidity and childishness! Do you think I was feeling so good to get up from bed and bail you? Hey, I don't care. If I know you are such a bastard, I would definitely ignore you and leave you alone! "

Richard shook her off violently. "Let go of me! Do you think I have to beg for your forgiveness? " He bit his lower lip tightly, but his big eyes were full of tears. "No one cares about me. Who wants you to worry about me?"

His voice was choked with sobs.

Adela stared at him for a long time before letting go of him. After returning to the car, she rudely pulled a box of tissue and threw it on his face. "Wipe it. Why are you crying? "

"Tomboy. What do you know? " Richard felt so humiliated. He wiped his tears with his sleeves, but he forgot that he rolled on the ground a lot because of the car accident, and his clothes were already dirty. With such a touch of dust and tears, his fair face suddenly turned into a little kitten.

Adela couldn't help laughing and patted the hood, "You are so stupid... I'll take a picture of you... "

She was still laughing at this time!

Richard was pissed off. "You bastard. I'm so miserable. Why are you still laughing? "

In a fit of pique, he took out half a box of tissue and wiped his face lovingly.

It took Adela a long time to stop laughing. "Well, it's almost dawn. Hurry up, go to the hospital, and I'll send you back."

"I don't want to go back." He said obstinately, "There is no warmth in that house. I won't go back."

"Then I'll drive you back to school."


"Are you done with your arrogance? !" Adela shouted, "Get in the car, right now!"

her with his big eyes full

into the car, clapped

Don't be picked up by those homeless men on the street.

about? Who would be a wife? Are you courting death? " He gave her a hard punch, but she grabbed his

to fight with me? I'm your teacher, not to mention that I've practiced Wing Chun for many years.

teacher? You are a tomboy! You can be a husband! "

wife, and the

that he

so angry that his face turned red. He

is a university professor. Why doesn't

Richard gasped, wriggling his wrists. "He earnestly wishes that he didn't given birth to me. Humph!" He bit his lower lip and couldn't help feeling aggrieved.

Damn it!

front of the breakfast car that got up early to set up a stall, and stuffed them into his hand. "Eat. After breakfast,

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worry." She took out a note from her bag

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handwriting on the letter was




Adela suddenly seemed to remember something.

off the pen cap with her teeth and wrote on it with

There is an IOU note. I can

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