Love Between A Cook And A Doctor

Chapter 16 Helpless Move

"York, he is our son." Donna cried, "No matter how wrong he is, he is still a child..."

"Child, child!" York was so angry that he reached out to grab the bag from Donna's hand. "Don't go! He would be obedient after being locked up for a few days. You have to spend money to bail him out, you should just let him be taught a lesson without spending money! That bastard! "

She said he was a child. But he drank and drove at a high speed. Maybe he even drugged.

How could their child like this?

"It's all your fault. I told you not to buy that motorbike for him. I didn't buy it, and you went to ask his star brother for money and buy a limited edition motorbike. Do you think I'm blind and I know nothing? Since ancient times, a kind mother always has a disobedient son. Now, do you still want to spoil him? !"

Donna cried, "My son will be bullied in prison. Please let me bail him out..."

York threw her bag far away and said, "Don't cry. Wipe your tears and sleep!"

How could she agree?

"York, let me go. I will scold him when I come back..."

York locked the door and said, "I'll stay here with you for the whole night. You can't go out!"

"Why are you so cruel?" Donna cried, "I don't know if Richard is hurt. Tell me, why did you..."

There was a knock on the door, and a steady voice of Jacob came from outside, "Mom, what's wrong?"

Donna shouted, "Go to the police station to bail Richard out. Hurry up, Jacob..."

York got angry. He pressed Donna hard and opened the door. "Don't go!"

Looking at his father and his tearful Mother, Jacob reached out to help his mother.

She fell into his arms and cried heartlessly.

"Whoever goes there is not my son. That was all. If that guy wants to lose face, go ahead. I, York Nelson, can deny that he's my son! "

Donna wanted to say something more, but Jacob shook her head slightly.

"Well, it's late at night. You can go to bed now." Jacob wiped her mother's tears.

York looked at him and said, "You are not allowed to go."

"Okay, I won't go. Just let him be there. " He helped his mother into the room, went back to his own room and closed the door in front of his father.

York was so angry that his stomach ached. He lay on the bed, gasping for breath.

The youngest of the four children was the most disobedient one, which pissed him off.

Let him stay in the police station for ten days or half a month!

"Look, how nice he is!" In front of Adela, the dean of the Department almost flipped through the documents. "This child is good, and his grades are also good. As for his conduct, although he looks a little naughty, in fact, he is..." He couldn't find any words to beautify Richard, so he pointed at his family relationship and said, "Look, he has a brother who is unmarried and is as old as you!"

head, but she didn't look at the file, but the dean.

her, "Look, Richard is a good looking boy. His brother must be very handsome too, you'll be familiar with

three hours just because of this boring tutor plan you've made. As a result, your students have come. He doesn't even show up. " She couldn't help cursing, "Let me tell you, I'm fed up with it. You've given me

up quickly,

his hand to pull her, but stopped in a second thought. He could only

ignored him.

Land Rover car. The car

a whole night waiting for you.'

matter. Women should be

she should go

have a good sleep!

in the SPA and fell asleep after going back

middle of the night, a phone call

urgent. Otherwise, no matter who you are, I will hang up the phone!" The pain of being woken up in the middle

don't have something urgent?" The dean, whose name was Fitch, sighed, "Richard didn't come tonight because he had a racing car

you can gossip

she believed that it was easy for Richard to

about to cry, "You may know his father, too. He is a famous professor in our school, York Nelson. He is very angry, so that his family can't bail him out. But his brother is very worried that he will be hurt, and this boy is very arrogant, he is afraid that he will suffer losses

"Miss Adela, look, you are Richard's tutor.

lost her temper, he added, "His brother will be very grateful to you. Hey,

sleep now. This was more important than men. Well, I was just in a dream. I didn't hear anything. Good

click, she hung up the phone and pulled off the

on sleeping." She closed her eyes

and lonely boy feel when he was

he was waiting for her parents

he do if his parents

before kept flashing in her

a handsome boy. Would he be violated when he met those horny men in the police station?

She shivered.

'God bless him!'

put on her clothes obediently.

was so kind that she even admired

the bed with his arms around his

dim night lamp was on, but it didn't

to enjoy an single room, but his "roommates" all

no choice but to shrink back.

held on and didn't dare

the dim light, there were some beast like eyes

lower lip,

his family come to bail him out?

his mother would come? Maybe brother would come?

who would come, he didn't dare to stay overnight in such a

pushed open. The guard yawned and said with a lack of


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