Love Between A Cook And A Doctor

Chapter 15 A Naughty Boy

Richard kicked Neal and said, "Let's go. I'll buy you a drink tonight. How about going to the night club and meet some beautiful women? "

Neal's saliva gushed out.

However, he glanced at the dean and swallowed his saliva.

"Are you sure you won't come to see her tonight? I dare not. "

"Coward!" Richard sneered and strode out of the building, ignoring him.

He was so annoyed that he had to have a good time tonight!

He jumped on his heavy motorbike and drove away with a strange sound.

"A glass of whisky." The bartender raised his head and saw a slightly childish face in front of him. Although he was very handsome, he still looked like a teenager.

The bartender faltered, "Well, are you an adult? In H City, we can't sell wine to young people... "

Richard was pissed off.

He grabbed the man's collar and pulled him out of the counter fiercely. "Open your dog eyes and have a good look. I'm a frequent visitor here. A guy like you who hasn't grown up yet said that I'm not an adult? I'll beat you up later. You'll know whether I'm an adult or not! "

Seeing that something was about to happen, an older bartender rushed out to mediate. "Mr. Nelson, how dare we not sell wine to you? He's new here, so he doesn't know you. I'll teach him a lesson and he won't make mistakes next time. "

Richard snorted, "You'd better!"

"Here, give Mr. Nelson a bottle of whiskey." The old bartender kicked away the unlucky newbie and filled his glass with wine attentively. "A few days ago, Mr. Jonny opened a bottle of good wine here. He hasn't finished it yet. Would you like to have a try?"

Richard rolled his eyes and said, "Okay. But... " After a pause, he continued, "Open it when my friends come. But don't tell them that it's my brother's wine, okay? "

The bartender nodded, "Yes, yes. I know what to do. " He smiled obsequiously and said, "Mr. Richard, it's inevitable to be noisy when drinking at the bar counter. Since your friends will come here, how about I arrange a private room for you so that you can drink and sing more freely?"

Richard nodded, "Okay. Just arrange it. "

The bartender ushered him into the room.

Richard didn't drink alone for a long time, and his friends came.

They were drinking, playing and singing. It was so funny.

Richard didn't join them.

He just held the wine glass, bit the edge of the glass and sat in the corner, smiling at them.

In fact, he just wanted someone to accompany him.

As for who accompanied him, it was not a big problem.

times, so he was speechless. "Mr. Richard, it's so boring to drink with only a few men. Let's find some

that. In this bar, the women you can find are more than five or six years older than you. I'm not interested in chasing old women like you. I don't like the

leaned over and said, "Of course not the women in the bar. I mean, isn't your brother Jonny a member of the entertainment circle?

face darkened. "In his name? Humph, I don't need to find

age. Now, if he really wanted to find a few so-called "beautiful classmates", he really did not have any


and said, "Let me show

he came in again, his face had been filled with a childish joy.

"You found her?"

and said, "She's just around here.

the door of the box was pushed open, and a hot sweet beauty came in.

not too much

face was a beautiful and sweet heart shaped face, and the dimples around her lips were very deep.

legs were straight and she was wearing shorts.

so intimidating that it was estimated to be at least 1 meters and seven meters.

Richard had already walked up to her, with a rare gentle smile on his face. "You came so fast. Come on, have a

delicate make-up,

the room, she

sat beside

he was very proud

the glass and drank more than half of it,

"Feel stuffy here? How about I take you

didn't come?"

"He's a busy

you asked me to come

stood up before she could finish

up too.

thanks." Sweetie refused coldly, "You have drunk so much. I still want

words made Richard's

that case, I'll take a taxi with you.

her eyebrows and said arrogantly, "I've always

for a young model who hadn't been promoted yet. What she wanted was a backer, not a little boy

snorted, "Then why are you here

brother, I wouldn't have come

mentioned Jonny several times. Richard narrowed his eyes and

"Sorry, I can't." She raised her eyebrows and looked at him, "It's not a secret in the industry that I like Jonny Nelson. But I'm very disappointed. You

me out in his


out of

was the first time that he had been so attentive to a girl, but she was as vulgar as others in the

was the first time that he had been frustrated. He felt humiliated, but when he looked back, he couldn't help but feel very nervous.

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