Love Between A Cook And A Doctor

Chapter 14 Become a Cook

Cherry went back to her desk and packed up her stuff at one point one.

Nelson's advertising today was in the studio, so it should be very simple.

When he was about to have a rest at noon, she could go to see him by herself.

Adela was right. She couldn't deceive others all her life with her little intelligence.

This time, she made a wrong call and was saved by Jacob.

Next time, would there be another man named Jacob who could help her?

If it weren't for her job, he wouldn't have been beaten, smashed or involved in this revenge.

She didn't dare to think about who would be implicated next time.

The phone at hand rang. It was Jonny who had a quarrel with her last night.

"Cherry," he said in a relaxed and happy tone, as if he was not the one who had turned against her last night. "I've just bought a yacht these days. Please help me decorate it, and invite some big stars."

"What are you going to do?" Cherry picked up the pen and was about to write it down, "How many people will you entertain?"

Jonny thought for a while and said, "Hmm... About ten people. You set up a romantic spot for girls to celebrate their graduation. "

Cherry paused.

Did Jonny fall in love with a new girl? She nodded, "Okay. When will you use it?"

"About this weekend. It's my first time to go to the sea. Do it well! "

"Jonny." She said in a low voice, "Wait for me this noon. I have something to tell you..."

"I don't have time." He refused directly, "By the way, I'm going to shoot the court play of Zack recently, aren't I? I've read the script and I like it very much. But I want him to add a small role in it. You can ask him out for dinner tonight. What do you want to talk about? Let's talk after dinner, okay? "

Cherry had to agree.

She was so efficient that she booked a room and made an appointment.

Cherry went there early that night.

She carefully selected all the dishes to be served and waited patiently in her seat.

Nelson and Zack were here.

Of course she wouldn't read the script.

During the dinner, they would talk about the market price and the details.

Cherry helped to arrange the dishes and block the wine for Nelson. After half of the meal, the fourth person pushed the door open and came in.

a beautiful

out the chair for her, which was

a reserved smile

by a famous designer, with a delicate handbag in her beautiful hand. Although the dress was simple, it set off her exquisite figure perfectly. Such a goddess' temperament was not comparable to that of ordinary women in the

looked at

She was stunned.

enough to make a woman stunned.

for a long

her hand. "Nice to meet you. When I

script writer, Zack spoke with a little jealousy. Seeing the smile on Sarah's face, he was also stunned.

her. Didn't I mention that I wanted you to add a role in the script? Can you add

course it's a good idea. She is

first time. It's also a graduation gift for Sarah. Would you like to come with me to cruise

it's such a lucky thing to be invited. I'll go. I'll go

a joyful dinner.

tested each other and got what they

frowned when she saw

"Do you like the

Mu pouted and said, "No, I

it. I'll ask someone to remove this table of dishes." With

"But I don't have anything to eat here. It's so annoying

"My agent's father is the chief cook of the five-star hotel in H city. The

Mu closed the menu and said, "Whatever she can do,

smile and asked, "What kind of food do you like

the ground. You can do whatever you want." Sarah Mu propped her head up and glanced at Nelson. "Your agent is not only beautiful,

He looked at Cherry and said, "Please, make some light food. Sarah doesn't

anger, Cherry nodded and called the

little famous in this industry. All the hotels in the city had heard of her father's name. With the support of Nelson, it was no

cook for the delicate girl with baby

she was tired

Zack cast a meaningful

frowned. She looked

talk with Sarah, but the other party

the door in

dinner didn't end until ten

turned around to look at

smiled, "Miss Cherry, you are really good at cooking." He touched his

I'll make dessert for you another day." She took a look at her phone and deliberately said in a loud voice, "Tut, tut, I'm going to be late." She smiled apologetically and said, "I don't need you to send me back. I have an appointment. I'll ask someone to pick me up. Nelson has a lot of work to do. The

very disappointed. "Okay. Be careful.

replied, "Okay, okay." She would

and called a taxi when

in the back seat, she only felt tired.

opened her make-up mirror, and the woman

to be reduced from a top


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