Love Between A Cook And A Doctor

Chapter 12 Crazy Revenge

"Yes, yes." Simon cut in, "This is the in-patient department. This is the place for surgery. Go to the emergency room downstairs if you need to see the doctor. Besides, there can't be so many people... "

Before he finished speaking, the man in the lead said coldly, "You're too long winded!" He didn't hesitate and punched on the face of Simon.

"How could you hit me?"

Although Jacob wanted to beat this noisy man for a long time, looking at others beating him was another thing!

Suddenly, Jacob stood up with one hand on the desk, jumped over it and rushed to those people.

They were obviously well-trained.

Three people came to surround him. Two of them lifted the chairs, and the things in the medical station were immediately smashed into a mess by the chairs, making loud bangs.

It was either a computer or a temporary medicine. The liquid medicine spilled out of the broken bottle and the unpleasant smell filled the whole medical station.

"Help!" Simon huddled up.

Jacob couldn't defeat three or four strong men on his own.

What's more, there was a cement pipe around their waists. Jacob was unable to dodge, his arm had been heavily smashed, and he frowned in pain.

"Who are you? !" He bent his elbow and hit a man's chest, but his back was also hit by the cement pipes in the hands of the other two.

"Who let you take care of what you shouldn't! This is just a lesson! " The man in the lead said fiercely.

As soon as he finished his words, he was punched in the stomach by Jacob again.

"Damn it!" He was so angry that several people rushed up, and Jacob also got several punches on his body. "Let that woman know what it means to refuse a toast and drink a forfeit!"

Simon shouted loudly. The patients in the in-patient area had already been alerted. They poked their heads out and Jacob shouted, "Call the police!" Someone took out his phone decisively.

Those people thought that it had almost done, and the man in the lead was also smashed a wound in the head. He waved his hand, and those people threw the cement pipes to the ground and left.

Simon huddled up on the ground and cried sadly.

Jacob's hand was numb with pain, but he still crawled over and pulled up Simon. "Get up, check the wound!"

Simon raised his head, which startled Jacob.

His whole face was like a color palette. He had been punched in the face every time.

"You... Don't you know how to protect yourself? " Said Jacob.

"I have always been a good boy..." Simon cried, "I've never been beaten. I'm so screwed, I'm disfigured... "

He cried like the ghost cried and the wolf howled.

Jacob closed his eyes.

When he opened his eyes again, there was a sharp light in his eyes.

"No matter who he is, I will let him pay the price!" He bit his lower lip.

whole medical station was in a mess.

couldn't imagine what would happen to Cherry if he

stayed in the company until nine o'clock in the evening.

rehearsing, but she kept calling.

at the charity dinner always chatted with her and asked her out for dinner, but unfortunately, when she shifted the

Cunning old fox!

cursed in

asking Cherry to go to his villa for fun. That was exactly what he meant.

Cherry refused.

didn't agree to help her deal with this matter and keep Jacob's

we have finished the rehearsal!" Several young men

voice, "Sir, I have to go back. I have to go out with several new actors tomorrow.

pick you up and have supper with me?

very late. I have to accompany some new

Cherry was covered with sweat.

she had such a social engagement, she felt very

waved their hands and

producer and the dancer also

and waved at them.

the elevator that she stopped smiling and held her


she had known it earlier, she wouldn't have acted so forcefully to go

the entrance of the company, a light gray car was


Gavin send someone to catch

window of the car was dark, but it was obvious that the person in the

out of the car. Her heart

towards her with bandage on

home." He

with your hand?" Cherry hastily stepped forward and asked, "Did Gavin make

He opened the door for her. "I just

at him, Cherry bit

her as a fool? How could such a swift person hurt his hand?

a few days, if the police asks you for a record, you can cooperate with them." He jumped into the car and

shocked, "I said I would

it, and I have mine. Cherry, you can't connive that kind of

you crazy?" It would only make things worse! Cherry was anxious, "The police can do nothing to him with his

about the clean government office?" He turned his head to look at her and started the car.


her to the place where she

realized that she drove to work herself. Why did she get on his car like

She always lost her IQ

you to and off work these days. Of course, you can ask someone else to pick you up." He opened

on her face, Cherry didn't intend to get out of the car.

this to affect you." She said

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