Love Between A Cook And A Doctor

Chapter 11 My Daughter Is Finally Getting Married

Jacob opened the door and jumped out of the car silently.

He moved quickly and came out with a bag in less than 5 minutes.

"Put on the one you like." He drove to an alley and rolled up the window. Then he jumped out of the car with his back to her.

She bit her lower lip and huddled herself up before taking out the shirt he bought.

Cherry had a standard figure. She could handle all kinds of clothes of small size. The shirt he picked for her was also very generous and the size was right.

After changing her clothes, she knocked on the window and he jumped into the car.

It was unnecessary to express gratitude.

All she could do now was worry.

"Can you ask for leave and not go to work these two days? Can you come out after I settle the matter? " She frowned, "I won't let him affect you."

He looked straight ahead and asked, "Do you need to go to the hospital to check your injures?"

"Check what injuries?" Cherry was worried, "You offended Mr. Gavin... That man is horrible in H city... "

"Aren't you going to call the police?" He frowned and asked, "Did he force you?"

Cherry signed, "Call the police? I'm just worried that he'll get you into trouble! "

"Don't worry." He curled his lips. "Is it necessary? He could come if he wanted. I have evidence. " He didn't even blink his eyes. "You didn't hang up just now. I've been listening to your conversation all the way. I've also recorded it."

"Can you wait for my news?" She had been thinking too much.

Now, she had no time to think about having offended him. She absolutely didn't want to see Gavin vent his anger on Jacob.

It was necessary to pay a price to settle this matter.

She was mentally prepared.

She lowered her head, with red eyes and a heavy heart.

He didn't move his eyes away from her. "Don't be silly." He said calmly, "If I, as a man, need you to deal with the matter of a man, can I still be a man? Then why should I save you? "

She looked up at him, with a rare trace of fragility in her eyes.

His eyes suddenly became warm.

He softened his voice and said, "Don't be afraid."

She suddenly wanted to cry.

No one had ever thought that she was fragile and needed comfort.

She always solved all the problems for Jonny.

capable sister in the eyes of her colleagues. When necessary, she had to act as a bodyguard and assistant to open a private passage for Nelson in the

thought that she

Except him.

least, she had to go back to change her clothes before going back to the company. She patted the bag in her arms and said, "I'll take the clothes with me.

said, "No, thanks. I don't think

This man!

how could he speak like

stopped at the place she

the car, turned around and

He saved her.

and closed the door without saying

quickly disappeared

the spare key and didn't notice the two people standing behind

daughter? Congratulations! There's finally a boy sent her home!

What did the old guy mean? In his words,

daughter had a boyfriend and broke an

it the one just now?

she tell him?

quietly followed his daughter upstairs.

change her clothes with the door

smelled of that guy all over

to put Jacob's clothes on

on the bed

and hurriedly burned incense. "Honey, our daughter is finally going to marry someone. Someone wants her, someone wants her!" Tears streamed down his cheeks. "If she's married. I can play mahjong when I'm free. No, no, I can miss you at

out, "Dad, what are you doing?" She

in a serious manner, "I just forgot to bring something with me. I'll take

gambled till now?" Asked

face and said, "Can I

She exposed his lie without hesitation. "Well, are you going back

almost lost his pants last night. He had to get some money at home. "By the way," he

I don't care. Well, I'm going to work. You can go to the restaurant after you finish your work.

mourning seat and said, "See? Lying was a patent of the Shen Family. I've always regretted not going to

of the

out of the community, a figure flashed by. She chuckled and said, "Cherry,

was startled. She looked at the man in shock and

with him. He lost the gambling last night and owed me eighteen thousand dollars. I'll wait for him to pay me back.

She lowered her head and sighed dejectedly. She had left the bag in Gavin's villa. She took out the money from the new bag and said, "I'll pay

you. How is your boyfriend? I think he was driving a good car.

Cherry was stunned, "Boyfriend?"

you back just

Cherry's eyes widened.

it! I can't even explain

just a colleague of mine..." She explained weakly.

We will wait for your father to invite us to your wedding. " The old man waved his hand complacently. "Tell your

annoyed that she kicked the wall.

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