Love Between A Cook And A Doctor

Chapter 10 How to Escape

With cold sweat streaming down her face, Cherry said, "Sure, sure." Seeing the security guard go upstairs to call someone, she felt uneasy. "Well, how about..."

The Butler served her a cup of tea.

Gavin smoked and continued, "In fact, your appearance are not inferior to those small stars at all. With such qualifications, and you have been an agent in the entertainment circle for so many years, haven't you ever thought of becoming a star yourself? If you want to... " He looked down at Cherry and got closer to her.

The smile on Cherry's face froze. "Well, I... I'm flattered... I... "

She frowned and looked upstairs quietly. The footsteps were gone. Where was he? Why hadn't he come down yet?

Gavin put out the cigarette.

He got closer to Cherry and said, "You have been working for Nelson for so many years. Is it a pity?"

"What pity?" Cherry smiled awkwardly, "How about letting Rex have a rest? I won't disturb you anymore. I'll..."

Her hand was held by the man.

Her heart sank, but she couldn't take her hand back. She frowned and said, "Mr. Gavin, what do you mean? I don't understand."

"You understand." He touched her smooth face.

Although this woman was not very beautiful, her indifferent appearance made him itchy.

Although she was a woman played by Nelson, he just wanted to see what kind of taste Nelson had!

"If you follow him, he won't let you get the position. I have my own media team. Let me help you, okay?" His breath sprayed on her face. She felt sick and turned her face away, "Mr. Gavin, I'm just an agent. I'm not..."

She took a deep breath and said, "Mr. Gavin, I really have to go. Nelson is waiting for me in the car outside..."

"Then let him wait." The man didn't believe it.

Cherry's heart was filled with alarm.

Once the man on her body was pushed away, the consequences would be unimaginable.

But if she didn't push him away, she couldn't bear the consequences.

While she was thinking, the man's kiss pressed down.

She could only scream, "No, Mr. Gavin, I am on my period. Ah, it's dirty, it will spoil your interest."

As expected, the man hesitated for a moment, and Cherry quickly broke away from his arms.

She combed her hair and smiled awkwardly, "Mr. Gavin, how about I come here another day?"

The man stood up again and said, "I don't mind."

He didn't mind, but she did!

Cherry wanted to throw up.

couldn't show such an expression

but to smile, "Mr. Gavin, it's not good." She wanted to take out her phone from her bag,

don't you know? I can't be refused! " He grabbed her chin, turned her face around and kissed

cigarettes, alcohol and unknown odor filled her nose. She felt sick and closed her lips

kissed one man, and that was Jacob. That gentle breath of that man was still flowing in her heart.

you're just a mistress of Nelson!" Her disobedience made the man angry. He slapped her, and she rolled over under the sofa.

searched for Nelson's number in a

to catch her, and she kicked the nearly fifty year old man to the tea

here quickly. I'm in Gavin's villa. It's No. 101 on

was knocked and

of breath and caught her, "Cherry, don't

Gavin, it's really inconvenient for me today... I

and was pressed under

"Rex, Rex!

She was desperate.

to call him?

and would he be

it be useful to

that she would be closer to the chief agent of H city.

was not what she wanted!

which hit

man was in pain, she tidied her clothes and got out of his body.

her corpse to appear on the

if I give you the villa?" The man sat

pushed me just now. Forget it. It's just a gesture of affection. What do you think? If you do better than him, he should get out

at the door subconsciously and laughed, "Do you think that Jonny will come?" He laughed as if he had thought

her collar and said with difficulty, "No, it's really

to throw up.

If she couldn't save

her virginity for her life?

humiliated! Deep humiliation!

this was the way it was in this

Not every time, she could survive with her own

slowly walked in front of the man. "Mr.

exorbitant price could frighten

leaned into his arms and touched his fat body. She felt sick and said, "I don't want to be an agent or a star anymore. It's too tired. I want to get married and have a

laughed, "Okay, give birth to the baby

pressed on her and rubbed his

lower lip and trying hard to hold it back, imagining that it was a pig arched

so disgusting...

So sad...

the door was kicked

rose in Cherry's

Can you wait for me in the room? Don't spoil

threw her hard on the carpet. It was so painful that Cherry cried out in a low voice, "Whoever

but she was pressed under the man.

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