Richard sat in the last row. When he passed by the front desk, many young girls stuck their heads out to look at him.

Of course, as soon as he entered the school, the name of Richard Nelson had spread all over the freshmen area of the campus.

He was Jonny Nelson's younger brother. He looked like a big star, but also a little childish and unruly. During the pre-school training, many girls squeezed into his classroom to see him, and he was the most handsome person in the school.

He stood on the platform and stared at Adela who was shorter than him.

Adela also looked at him playfully, "Do it."

Well, he had a good appearance, but he looked a little arrogant.

Richard leaned over to look at Adela and touched the screen.

The identification instrument made a matched sound.

Adela thought that she might be able to recognize such an outstanding student without using the identification device.

He leaned over to the assistant who was supposed to be high on the platform and said in a voice that only the two of them could hear, "Miss, mind your own business. You won't be able to have a boyfriend if you're too strict."

Adela frowned. When she was about to lose her temper, he had already chuckled. He put his hand into his trousers pocket and walked back to his seat.

"What did you just say to her?" Neal asked curiously.

"Aren't you afraid that she will call your name when you are talking in class? And make you flunked? " Richard said sarcastically.

"Well, now, everyone has finished recording their faces. Now, I'm going to make up seats for everyone present. Please take your seats according to the arrangement. "

Seeing the form on the screen, Neal exclaimed and patted Richard, "Richard, that woman arranged you to sit in the first row!"

"I'm not blind. I can see!" Richard said through gritted teeth.

'Son of a bitch! How dare you?' He would teach this bitch a lesson!

"Hurry up!" Looking at this unruly handsome student, Adela couldn't help but want to give him a hard time. Such a student might be a problem student in middle school.

"Richard Nelson, can't you hear me? He didn't come, did he? Then I'll take him flunked. "

"Old woman!" Richard cursed. Reluctantly, he walked to the first row, kicked the chair and made a loud sound.

In front of Adela, he looked at her provocatively and sat down slowly.

"Richard... It's a good name. But I don't know if it is easy to pass the exam? Or is it easy to be flunked? "

Hearing this, Richard pursed his lips. This woman, if she didn't speak, would she die?

In addition to Jonny, the company also arranged a new group for Cherry. The five young men in their late twenties were all from the talent show. They were all feminine in appearance and had a good popularity. However, to form such a group, Cherry's workload was much greater than that of Jonny, who had been acting for a long time.

The new comer knew nothing. They were spoiled and didn't know how to work hard. They complained when they were shooting an advertisement outdoors. Such kind of advertisement should be taken seriously even for a super star like Jonny.

they didn't work hard, how could they get the position?

in the rehearsal room through the transparent glass window, with such an expression on her face.

publicity of this weekend's business show. There were

almost knotted after the rehearsal, and there was

stand it anymore. She pushed the door open and walked into the

young men saw her come in, they immediately stood at attention.

make a fool of yourself in public?" She sighed, "Don't blame me for being harsh. Only when your first exterior shot succeeds can I strive for more jobs for you. If you don't have a job in this industry, it

boys lowered their heads and apologized, "We got up too late,

glanced at them and said, "Call him over right

hesitated for a moment.

"Tell me!"

last night, but he will come

people, the one who was absent was the best looking and

Cherry didn't expect that they would get involved in this before they became

a lifetime? " She whispered

to us. He said that we could answer your question in this way. " The

can go on rehearsing." Cherry couldn't stay here any

want to do it, why did he ask other stars to do it?

of Nelson's room and saw a beautiful

there were other people around, the anger on Cherry's face

woman was patted on her buttock by Jonny before she walked out

she passed by Cherry, she gave her a

have a seat.

didn't sit down.

pink lip print on the inner side of his shirt, like

her eyes on it until Nelson lowered his head

indifferently, "Where

a long time, but he still didn't remember who he was. "What's

come to dance. They said he went to

most scheming one. He will soon... Well, he has

less than 20 years old!" Cherry bit her lower lip and said, "The other side is also a man! Nelson, you can't destroy a child

is his own choice. He took the initiative to seduce others. I didn't force him to do anything. Cherry, do

become famous. Jonny Nelson, I have refused a lot of such things for you since you started your career! I don't want

so disappointed.

would do anything to achieve his

him who had

can you blame me for this? Cherry, is it fair? " Nelson got angry. "Anyway, that's what happened. I won't explain anymore. If

too angry.

acting as a pimp


walked out of the office without

call Rex, but he didn't answer.

is now?" She

had given him a villa to live.

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