Love Between A Cook And A Doctor

Chapter 8 Eye Pleasing

Cherry felt sick. He was one hundred times more disgusting than those paunchy bosses she had ever seen.

The waiter removed the plates on the table. After the man was full, he finally had time to look at Cherry carefully.

"You are indeed as beautiful as my father said." The man grinned. More importantly, she didn't eat much.

Cherry couldn't stand it anymore and said, "Sorry, I got a call..."

She pretended to listen to the phone for a while and said, "Sorry, I have something to deal with temporarily..."

The man ignored her and asked, "What's your job? How much can you earn in a month? How many babies are you going to have? Do you have your own house? " And so on...

Cherry curled her lips, lowered her head and drank the ice water. "I'm sorry. I came here today to tell you that I have a boyfriend." She couldn't stand it anymore. He didn't even understand it when she pretended to make a phone call and slip away. Don't blame her for making a big move.

"It doesn't matter." The man waved his hand boldly and said, "I'm absolutely better than him. Besides, your father introduced me to you just because he was not satisfied with him. "

Cherry almost wanted to overturn the table. She put on a fake smile and said, "That's because my father doesn't know I have a boyfriend at all."

"It doesn't matter. You can ask him out and compare me with him. Then you will know how good I am."

Asked him out?

Cherry frowned.

It was late at night. Where could she find a man to pretend her boyfriend?

Looking for Jonny Nelson? She would be chopped to death by him!

While she was hesitating, a familiar figure walked past their table.

Seeing that, Cherry stood up all of a sudden and shouted, "Jacob Nelson!"

Looking back at her, Jacob looked down at the number plate in his hand and asked, "Not you?"

There was a strange feeling in his heart. Cherry had held his hand and said, "Don't be angry. I didn't mean to promise my father to go on a blind date."

Hearing that, Jacob was stunned. There was a rare flash of panic in his cold eyes, as if he had been seen through.

"Hey." The man in front of Cherry stood up and asked, "What happened?"

"Didn't you say you were looking for my boyfriend? He is my boyfriend. He heard that I came for a blind date, so he came. " Cherry looked at Jacob aggrievedly, "I'm sorry, Jacob..." Her voice softened, and the man's ears turned red. "I won't like others..."

Without thinking, Jacob knew what she meant.

But he didn't want to fulfill her wish.

"Did you mistake someone else for me?

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He continued to study the new dishes on the computer, but Cherry

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