Love Between A Cook And A Doctor

Chapter 7 Sweet Company

The patrolling police came soon.

The three were taken to the police station.

"You can go back first. It has nothing to do with you. I don't want to waste your time." Cherry turned around and said to Jacob lightly.

"I'm also a good citizen who had caught the thief. What do you mean by driving me away?" He raised his eyebrows.

Cherry narrowed her eyes.

She had been having a hard time when she met him. Now she finally got a better impression of him, but he still argued with her. "Whatever."

She was the second one to finish her confession.

It was already late at night after recording the confession.

Jacob was still sitting on the bench outside the door.

"Are you waiting for me to drive you home?" Her hands were numb from falling, and she didn't know if she could drive normally.

The man glanced at her and said indifferently, "Your wound needs to be treated. And I'm a doctor. "

She was stunned.

Jacob had already stood up and pulled her to sit down.

There was a small bag beside him, which contained simple cotton, disinfectant, anti-inflammatory drugs and so on.

"You have these with you?" She was surprised. She couldn't help asking.

He looked up at her and pointed to the other side.

A huge signboard of pharmacy was clearly visible.

Cherry blushed.

It seemed that she was not smart enough to deal with this man.

He carefully dealt with the wound for her. When the medical alcohol touched the bleeding place, she winced in pain, "Ouch!" He stared at her and said, "Now you know it hurts? Why did you pretend to be strong just now? "

"When did I pretend to be strong?" She still protected her bag and said, "Here is the bill for all the expenses tonight. If the money is lost, the loss will be great. I will pay a lot."

The look in Jacob's eyes suddenly changed.

Yes, she was narrow-minded, which would change a soft woman into a tough one.

He had seen that.

Seeing the bandaged Cherry, Adela Mei was stunned and asked, "What happened? Are you injured? "

"Forget it." "Bad luck!" Cherry sat down and took out the money from her bag. "I was almost robbed. By the way, this money will be given to the students who attended the party planning that day. "

Adela Mei looked at her and shook her head, "Cherry, you..." She took the money and said, "You're badly injured. Why don't you stay at home for two days? I've told you that it's not reliable for you to be an agent... "

said, "You are more nagging than my father. You are just my senior sister. How can you

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Cherry sighed.

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