Love Between A Cook And A Doctor

Chapter 2 A Merciless Doctor

At midnight, the emergency room in the hospital was still bustling with incoming patients.

After entering the consulting room and wearing his white robe, Jacob Nelson quickly took over his colleagues' shifts.

"Handsome, you're late today," one of the doctors teased.

'It's funny to tease him.' Such a beautiful face was truly a gift for all the women in the hospital.

The patient stared at him, mesmerized by his beauty. In fact, as she stared deeper into his deep eyes, she found that her waist and legs didn't hurt anymore.

That was normally everyone's reaction when they first caught sight of him.

Ever since Jacob was transferred to H City, the number of incoming patients in the emergency department had increased rapidly. Even the nurses didn't know how that was possible. In fact, the female doctor even noticed how some of them were already recurring faces.

"Yes," Jacob answered indifferently as he wrote on his medical sheet.

The patient stared at him for a long time, without uttering a word.

Finally, he raised his head to look at her. "What's wrong with you?"

"Oh." As if by magic, the patient finally came to her senses. "Yes. I–I was suffering from diarrhea. It's weird, but I feel much better now."

Hearing that, Jacob frowned. However, some of the other older people around them found this to be terribly amusing. They laughed. "You won't feel any pain once you see a doctor as handsome as this one," they teased.

"Here. You can have a blood test." With a faint smile on his face, Jacob tore out his prescription and handed it to the woman.

The patient took it as if she had gotten a treasure, and the people around her gazed at her and burst into laughter.

"Next." Jacob turned helplessly.

Cherry had already made an appointment, and she was disgruntled to see so many people at the emergency room.

It seemed that it wouldn't be convenient to suffer from an illness in the middle of the night.

It was weird how everyone crowded around the door. She glanced at one of the vacant chair and sat down uncomfortably.

The patient came out murmuring, "Dr. Jacob is hot."

Cherry ignored the woman's words. All she wanted was to see whether or not she was next.

When she finally entered the consulting room, the first thing she did was to train her eyes at the doctor in front of her.

She froze, wanting nothing more than to race out of the room.

'Isn't this the guy who asked me to apologize just now?'

Jacob looked up.

His eyes widened momentarily in recognition. "It's you," he snapped before motioning to the chair in front of him. "Have a seat."

Cherry gritted her teeth.

How could a doctor even be so cold?

"I was scalded," she snapped. "Just now, a blind man parked in front of me and collided with my car. Because of this, my soup spilled over and burned my leg."

as if the 'blind man' she

bed," he said indifferently. As soon as Cherry lay down on the bed, the man stood up and

of them were

she was still on guard. The

your dress," he said coldly. He was wearing a clean

her dress

the wound

she could process what was happening, the man

she gazed at

been a doctor, she would've shouted

was clenched. The dress was extremely expensive! How the hell was she going

wound might get worse," Jacob stated. Uncaring to her wails, he

the hell? Are all the doctors in H City assholes or

to report you," Cherry announced

outside. You could slip one in." He diverted his

was going to get

out, wincing from the impact. "It hurts,"

to clean her wound mercilessly. His cold gaze was trained towards the blisters that peppered across

at her. "Go out and turn right. You have to pay


was beet red from the pain and embarrassment he had

no heed to her. Instead, he pulled the curtains and sat back on his seat

her torn dress,

few seconds, her beautiful ankle-length dress was

bag, she jumped out of bed and struggled to walk out of the consulting room. Each step was a pain to take, but she still

that there was a pair of eyes following her retreating figure. There was something in Jacob's eyes that flashed

to her house. She had just fixed her car

to freshen up as she

night. Her wound still burned from the memory of what had happened last night. Even

awaiting her, she shut her eyes and forced herself

was going to participate in a plane advertisement today. The sponsor was actually

wardrobe, Cherry chose a

but compared to the excruciating pain she felt from

had warned her not to touch

still visit

still needed to do her job. Without another thought, she changed into

the prescription was his name: Jacob

name and appearance might seem similar to some Prince

would never step into that

On the set.

under the spotlight. Their gazes were all trained to the camera as

these people, one of the men stood out. With his dazzling smile and seductive gaze, he was

with one of the actresses for the advertisement. He turned to her with eyes filled

in her

her senior executives, she winced, fully knowing that it wasn't good news. Glancing at one of her missed calls,

other end

he snapped. "Where the hell are

shooting for an advertisement today."


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