Love Between A Cook And A Doctor

Chapter 1 I Want You To Apologize

In the Lana street of H City.

The lights blazed along the summery night, uplifting the spirits of anyone in sight.

The aroma of wine wafted along the air.

A low-key car parked steadily by the door of the bar.

Suddenly, a slender woman stepped out of the front seat. A petite woman sitting in the backseat, got out and followed her. Then they walked into the bar. In a few minutes, they helped a charming man walk out.

"There could be paparazzi. Get rid of them for me," Jonny Nelson murmured sleepily. His eyes were half-close as he stumbled across the pavements. He burped loudly, regardless of his image. "Send me to the Seaside Teahouse. I have an appointment."

Cherry Shen sighed helplessly.

Even if getting so drunk, he still wanted to have a woman to entertain him.

However, being his agent, she couldn't do anything but nod helplessly. "Put him on the back seat," she whispered to her assistant.

Nodding hurriedly, the assistant quickly pulled him in the seat, accidentally knocking the man's head against the car door.

Jonny cried out in pain. "What the hell? Did you just hit me?"

"N-No," the assistant stuttered out. She was so frightened that she froze under his furious stare. Cherry Shen rolled her eyes. "It's me! I simply wanted to check if you're still alive."

She sat on the driver's seat once they were all safely inside. "Linda, take off his clothes, and," Cherry Shen started, trying to hold back her laughter. Then she handed her assistant a bag of makeup. "Help him put on the wig and wear some lipstick. Later, you'll disguise as him and wander around the house. Make sure that the reporters don't follow us around."

Linda nodded. "Got it. What will you do?"

"Me? I'm sending him to the place he wanted to go. Otherwise, we're both doomed," Cherry Shen grumbled as she drove steadily.

Upon seeing them drive away, the reporters all piled up inside their car.

"It's not that easy, you know," the driver murmured. "That's Cherry, Jonny's top agent. She's as slippery as a snake. You wouldn't be able to get to her."

Sure enough, Cherry Shen was incredibly cunning as she drove the car.

On the first parts, she drove very slowly. In fact, her driving skills could be comparable to an old woman driving her car.

However, just as the green light was about to turn yellow, she would slam her foot onto the gas and sped away. The reporters' car would stop right there, and they fumed at the missed opportunity. The driver, on the other hand, didn't look too bothered.

"He's drunk, so he's probably heading back to his house," he reasoned. "We can ambush him there."

Sure enough, their efforts paid off.

When the reporters' car arrived at the gate of the community where Jonny lived, they could see him sneaking out of his own car and entering a convenience store at the end of the street.

As soon as Jonny got out, his car sped away somewhere else.

The reporters didn't waste any time as they got off the car. "Is he going to buy condoms?" they murmured amongst themselves. "Is there someone waiting for him at home?"

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