Lie To Me

Chapter 59: 58

Months turns into years. I still couldn't believe that I have been in a relationship with Elijah for three years already.

Indeed, time flies so fast when you are happy.

So, tonight. I arranged a candlelight dinner in his unit. It's our anniversary and I want to surprise him.

Elijah was out of the town for a conference he needed to attend. He stayed there for a week and today is his return.

"Let see," I murmured to myself as I scanned through the arrangements I did.

I'm excited.

All through out our relationship, it was always Elijah who gives more effort between us two. He was always the one who did surprises and give gifts. But tonight, it will be me who will do an effort and will give a gift that he will surely surprised with.

[Where are you na?] I texted him.

The conference was held in Tagaytay and he told me earlier that he was about to live the venue. That was two hours ago so, surely, he's near already.

[Basement, baby. I'm just waiting for the elevator.] He replied.

My eyes widened and doubled check everything. From the lights, table and of course, the food. I prepared his favorites for this especial night.

And when I heard someone knocking from the door--it's him, I know--I looked at myself from the reflection in the mirror.

I was wearing a simple spaghetti strap wine colored dress. It lengths just until my knee and my pambahay slippers. I also wear a light make and I just let my hair cascaded straightly from my back.

I opened the door and there, the man of my life was standing there with a bouquet of tulips in his hands.

I smiled and ushered him to get inside. He did.

"Wow," he murmured, seeing the set up of his living room and of course, my look. "This is so beautiful, baby and you look extra beautiful tonight," he said, kissing the top of my head. "For you," he added as he hands me the bouquet.

accepted it and smiled at him. "Happy third anniversary, baby." I said, kissing him

love you since day one," he replied, kissing

prepared all these?"

"What to do some effort

with you is more than

rolled my eyes.


once, okay? It's not like,

ng isang linggo. Surprise na yun para sa akin

and he immediately

But really, thank you for the

said. "Put your things there so we could it na," I told and he followed

you prepare, hmm?" He asked as he sat

the food and I see how

cooked these?"

on YouTube and practice, I made Reysa as the

and walked to me, he cupped my face and kissed me on the lips.

"Calm down, Mr. Bel Monte. I just cooked your favorites,

cook these and I love you

let's it. I still have a surprise for

whole dinner,Elijah was kept on asking me about the other surprise. I on

what's you other surprise no?" He asked, we were on his units

I took out a small box

is this?" He

for yourself," I

eyes widened and his mouth

at me, his eyes were teary but there's a ghost of smile in his lips. He licked and bit

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