Lie To Me

Chapter 50: 49

It was already nearly seven in the evening and I really opt to go home before nine, leaving me an hour to finish my tasks for today.

I just took a sip on my coffee before working again. I was so engrossed in working that I did not notice that Elijah is already in front of me.

If he didn't knocked on my table, I wouldn't know that he's here.

"Hey," I said. "You need anything?" I asked.

His brows were creased. "You have you had your dinner?" He asked instead.

I shook my head and turned my attention in my laptop again. "I will eat at home later," I said, not looking at him.

"You should eat, Ms. Romero." He said.

"Later, Sir. I need to finish these all tonight," I said, still not looking at him.

I heard him took a deep sigh and put something on my desk.

Please eat will you're working,"

my laptop. "Okay. Thank

He left after that.

it was sitting on my desk when I was about to leave. I just took it and

day came and Ms. Vera is in the office again. Elijah toured her inside and introduced to all of the employees. And when the lunch time came, I saw

inside and I have

back after lunch time, it was the next day again

I checked my phone.

him. The last one was the

busy with

I was

that it

home now. Sorry you had to stay this late," I told my

all said "It's okay, Ma'am." But I know

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