Lie To Me

Chapter 47: 47

The concert ended so well. I was so happy I got to see them performed live!

"Did you enjoy it?" Elijah asked me as we walk towards the venue's exit.

I nodded and smiled. "I did. Thanks, Eli." I said.

He smirked. "Are we in nickname basis now?" He asked

I immediately rolled my eyes. "Thanks, Sir Elijah." I teased.

He laughed and messed with my hair. "You're cute," he said.

I rolled my eyes again. "Shut up," I scoffed and walk ahead from him. He immediately followed, laughing a bit.

"Are you heading home already?" I asked then.

We are already out the venue and making our way to the parking space.

He shrugged. "I still have an hour to spare. Why?"


you asking

"Don't flutter yourself, Sir. I'm just giving back the

won't be enough to pay the tickets." He

sige. Magkano ba 'yun at babayaran ko na lang," I

my hair again. I moved it away immediately. "I'm just kidding, alright? You're taking everything seriously," he then

I'm a serious person,"

you take me seriously?" He asked, there was

my eyes again. "Ewan ko sa'yo," I said and walked ahead of him again, he keep up

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I reached my

your offer still up?" He asked,


smiling all the

will stop teasing me,"

He said. "Where do you want to eat,

one asking

"Well, I'm not a pocky eater. I will be good with anything."

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