Lie To Me

Chapter 45: 45

When Elijah said he will court me, I thought we will be all out courting me. But thankfully, he didn't.

He slowed down and lowkey courts me.

Regardlessly, I still don't approve to it. But no matter how many times I told him to stop, he won't listen.

He will just smile to me and continue.



A text message I received from him.

It's weekend and I was at home, lazily attached to my bed.

[Aww. Ignored.]

He sent again.

My brows creased.

[I thought we are close now to receive a reply.]

Another one.

That made me laugh.

[Yes, Sir? Do you need anything?] I replied.

[Sir again?]

my boss.]

Astrid. When will you consider me as someone you can be with outside

how dramatic his face is as he

can be friends outside the


I shook my head.

[Friends...] I texted back.

be more than


not give it up,

hundred percent in to it.]

eyes and smiled

So stubborn.

to a friend who's

right now, you know?]

can't help but laugh to

that? At least in my friend, you will

would be grateful if it was


know.] He said.

I shook my head.

be kasi?]

know you're kinda conyo

sent a rolling eyes

of you are free this afternoon. I got a


real?] I

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