Leap OF Fate

Chapter 93

Seeing her packing their things shattered his world. She’s running away again. He just had a taste of how it felt to be a part of the twins’ lives and she’s taking them away.

He knew he hurt her before, but he wanted to make up for it if only she’d give her a chance. One chance to make it right and prove to her how much they mattered to him. A single chance is all he wanted.

He has not asked her about it yet, but here she is packing her luggage, poised to run away again. They’ve been playing cat and mouse for such a long time, it has become tiresome. How long would it take him to find them again this time?

He sat at the edge of Serene’s bed. His elbows dug into his knees while his hands held his head. With his head down, a veil of dark hair fell on either side of his face. His slumped shoulder shook as he sobbed in silence.

Suddenly, his world became dark, and he had no one but himself and his pain. Like he had always been in the past five years.

“Serene, I know I hurt you. I was a jerk for not trusting you and for not bothering to listen to you. There was not a day in the past five years that I did not regret cutting you off my life.” Justin’s voice trembled when he spoke. He lifted his head to meet her eyes. Tears flowed out of them like a waterfall.

This was the first time Serene saw Justin look defeated. His usual arrogance and confidence gone. All she saw was a man, exposed and vulnerable. His pain written all over him. Has he been this way in the past five years?

She remembered her dark days when she had postpartum depression. It’s a tough spot to be in, and it feels like it will never end. You stop living and simply exist until you reach a point where you’ll choose not to.

“I missed you. All I wanted was to have you back. All these years, I looked for you. And now, you’re here…” he scanned her face. A bitter smile formed on his lips. “You’re here… but all you want is to run away from me.” He bowed his head, his tears formed tiny pools on the floor. “I want you back, Serene. You and the twins.”

him with complicated emotion. It pained her to see him this way. The Justin she knew was a strong and confident man. He’s always sure of himself. The man before her now wailed like

had been hurting for the past five years. She from

any consolation, the twins were there to brighten her

not look at her. He continued to look at his

Don’t leave, ok?” He looked at her with pleading eyes. He looked more like a pleading

and hugged him. Justin buried his head in her soft abdomen, inhaling her familiar scent. His shoulders continued to shake as he stabilized

five years. We’ve both lived in pain. But I cannot deny that

They’ve already lost time. How can he take another day away from her? But then, this is better than her

talk more about how we can co-parent, some other time ok? But for now, I need

you said you’re not running away.” Justin

not. We’re not. I’ve been away from work for some time, so I need to shuttle between Coast and Pine City in the next couple of weeks. Of course, I’m taking the twins with me, so

“Pine City?”

started some business there two years ago. It’s still quite new, so I


heaved a sigh of relief from knowing she will not go into hiding

ok?” She talked to him in a soft voice and ran her fingers through his hair. He’s like Pax. Both man and child conceal

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