Leap OF Fate

Chapter 88

Serene stared slack-jawed at the television. A breaking news interrupted her daily dose of morning show. She could not believe what she just heard. Crystal jumped off from the rooftop of her apartment and plunged to her death. Her fingers gripped the remote.

She had been in constant communication with Crystal for the past two weeks. She knew the feeling of being alone amid a storm. It’s a dark, scary and lonely place to be. She did not wish for anybody she knew to find themselves in such a situation.

Serene touched her left wrist subconsciously. Four years ago, when she just gave birth to the twins, she suffered from postpartum depression. All the sadness, loneliness, and stress she felt were magnified. She never felt so helpless, sad and lonely in her life. The darkness in her ate the spark of life her children brought. That place felt so depressing she wanted to just end her life to escape from it. Thankfully, Al paid her a visit and saw her in a pool of blood. His timing was perfect, and the paramedics saved her.

So, when Crystal’s scandal broke out, her first instinct was to reach out and pull her out of that black hole. She talked to her whenever she could and engaged with her as much as possible. But then, she did not know how huge the wave Crystal battled every day. She sighed and gave her a silent prayer.

Her suicide eventually toppled over her scandal. It’s funny how when the media who just days ago painted her as the dirtiest person in the world now mourn for her. They say the industry lost a shining star on the rise. The same people who threw rocks at her now lay roses for her. How flippant people could get.

The days following Crystal’s death had been quiet. Mary had just flown to Paris with Pierre Ingram to become his apprentice. Dylan followed her shortly after. As for Justin, she had heard nothing from him.

However, she could not let her guard down. She and the twins continued to stay in the hotel. She did business for Ellis Inc remotely. Al and her father attended to those that required physical attendance. As for her galleries, Viv was more than capable of handling them and just reported to her the financials and any pressing concerns.

The twins meanwhile enjoyed the hotel’s facilities to the max. They swam in the pool in the morning and played in the indoor amusement park on weekends. Everything ran smoothly like it did before.

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It’s spacious, with lots of shrubs and decorative bushes. She looked at all the places her kids could fit into — under a bench, a large potted plant, topiaries, decorative rock boulders, the fountain. They have toppled over the area but did

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for them among the plants and bushes. Then from behind them came two men who looked like security personnels. They wore black button-down shirts

scream when the two covered each of her children’s faces with a handkerchief. She saw how their bodies limped and lost consciousness. The two men carried each one of her twins on their shoulders and walked away calmly without raising anyone’s suspicion, then they vanished in a blind

kicked her ribs. In perhaps the 10th replay, she noticed that at the corner of the men’s collar was a tiny logo. Zooming into it, her pale face went livid. The knuckles on her which held the mouse turned white as her grip tightened. The security team gave her a copy of the video when she said that she would not inflict

the cars in front of her to move. The angry stares and the middle fingers they gave her did not bother her at all. As soon as she parked her car

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