Leap OF Fate

Chapter 87

Crystal racked her brains to find out the person who betrayed her, but to no avail. While she admits to doing those things out of her own volition, these are things she kept hidden to everyone, including her family. The people in her kink parties always signed a nondisclosure agreement. The leaked photos and videos came to her as a surprise. To this day, her team still has not found the person behind the leak.

And while she continued to search for the culprit, people had a field day tarnishing her reputation. She became the press’ darling to a PR nightmare overnight. She thought that the news would eventually just die a natural death as long as she kept to herself and avoided the media, but it had dragged on. And as time passed, the more vicious they became. Their words did not only sting but slashed her to bits. Comments ranged from the truth, to an interpretation of the truth, and to utter lies.

The couple of weeks after her scandal broke out were the toughest days of her life. The days she spent as the Jewelry Heiress where people tiptoed around her and watched their words when talking to her had been a distant past. It almost felt like it was just a dream and her reality was the hell she lived in now.

She had never encountered such difficulty in her life. All her life, her family shielded her from all discomfort the harsh world had. Her father helped her resolve all her problems, no matter how big or trivial. Even her drug use, he had helped keep it quiet. Nobody knew she had been in rehab twice already.

However, after the scandal, like a broken dam, she stood in the middle of a deluge of harsh words from all her social media and news. People cursed her, called her names, and exposed her past misdeeds. Her pristine image turned to muck overnight.

nasty to say to her. Everywhere she looked, all she saw were the condescending eyes of people judging her. Whore. Drug addict. Brat. Slut. People who used to wish her nothing but the best things life

turn cold. He called the Rain patriarch to apologize and cancel her engagement with Justin out of embarrassment

could blink her eyes. All the people she called just to have somebody to turn to, either ignored her or dismissed

give her even an ounce of concern. This was the man she had an unrequited love for as long as she knew what love meant. She knew he did not love her. He’s an illusion she always wanted to have. His inaction just proved

help but shake her head and smile a bitter smile. No one bothered to ask how she’s doing but Serene. Of all the people who would go out their way to reach out to her, it had to be

away. That was how she

rest, but she did not. She sincerely offered a shoulder to cry on and said she knew how being alone and abandoned by the person you

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