KMA: Kickass Man A Is Back

Chapter 67 Why Is He Here Again?

After giving commands to the security department, the manager began to call the cleaning department again. "Call all the cleaners over, tell them to clean the whole place from the entrance of the parking lot to the elevator! If there is any dust left, you can resign too!"

In the face of such a harsh request, the director of the cleaning department actually agreed immediately. "Manager, don't worry. I promise to wipe it clean!"

The manager left with his men. Mr. Johnson picked up the walkie-talkie, called five security guards in a row, and began to assign tasks.

Ben Pitt's task was to patrol together with a team member named Lenny Dodge and clear the road.

After assigning the tasks, Mr. Johnson immediately left in a hurry. It seemed that he had gone to work again.

Ben and several team members were relieved.

"Is the chairman coming today? It's so grand that even the mysterious manager has come to the underground parking lot to arrange the task." Ben asked curiously.

Two of them were security guards transferred from the ground. One of them looked at Ben and said knowingly, "Ben, don't you know? It's not the chairman who came today, because the chairman is busy serving tea."

"Oh my god, who on earth is it then? Is it the mayor?" Ben was shocked. Who could make the owner of DH Century Mall, who was on the same level as Ronald Kimmerly, to serve tea in person? He could only thing of the mayor.

"It's not mayor, but this time, even the mayor has to welcome him with a smile!"

"Can't you just spit it out all at once?" Ben said impatiently.

"Ben, you should have heard of the big boss of Lanceham, Beckett Jackman, right?"

Ben nodded and asked in shock, "Is Mr. Jackman coming?"

"No, but the status of the visitor is about the same as that of Mr. Jackman." The young security guard seemed to be deliberately showing off with a mysterious face, but he didn't say the answer.