KMA: Kickass Man A Is Back

Chapter 59 Harvey Stepped Forward

Quintin picked up a glass of wine, stood up, and said to Gunner with a smile, "I'm Quintin Somberg from the LEON Group. Gunner, could you let them go for my sake?"

Gunner squinted at Quintin and said, "Mr. Somberg of the LEON Group? I'm sorry! But today's matter has nothing to do with you. I suggest you stay out of this, lest you ruin the good relationship between Mr. Jackman and Mr. Kimmerly!"

Gunner's words proved that he knew everything about Quintin and he also implied that he would not give him face!

Atlas found it interesting. This rogue was not the kind of reckless young man who only relied on courage!

Quintin was rather embarrassed. The other party pointed out his biggest reliance with only a few words and warned him not to meddle in other people's affairs.

Quintin should have retreated at this time, but Ken and so many eyes were looking at him, he just couldn't do it.

Moreover, he was the boss of a famous food company, and the other party was just a little hooligan. If he couldn't even handle a hooligan, what would others think of him?

"Gunner, you're right. In order to avoid hurting the relationship between Mr. Jackman and Mr. Kimmerly, could you be so kind to let go of my friend's child?" Quintin was a little tit-for-tat.

Yellow Hair said coldly, " Mr. Somberg, this is none of your business, right?"

This sidekick of Gunner wasn't so rude to Quintin as he was to Ken. After all, Quintin was a big boss with a lot of money.

Gunner stared at Quintin like a viper with his triangular eyes, "According to what you said, I was beaten by them, so I deserved it, didn't I?"

"No, of course not! It's all a misunderstanding!" Quintin let out a dry laugh, "Gunner, bro, sit down. Let's have a drink and talk it through."

"Who the hell is your bro! Stop flattering yourself. You're just a dog under Mr. Kimmerly. How dare you call me bro?" Gunner blew up all of a sudden.

"If Ruben Kimmerly were here, perhaps I would call him Mr. Kimmerly. But who the hell are you?"

Quintin's face turned red, and his smile froze on his face. His hand holding the wine glass trembled slightly, and some wine spilled out.

Everyone was dumbfounded. Mr. Somberg of the LEON Group, a billionaire, was scolded by a hooligan.