KMA: Kickass Man A Is Back

Chapter 57 A Million

Atlas said those words so calmly that others couldn't tell whether he was joking or not.

However, everyone in the room suddenly silent down and no one dared to speak.

Everyone suddenly felt that the temperature in the room had dropped.

No one dared to question his words.

They clearly knew that in Zuthana, killing people shall be punished with lives. If someone said he would kill you, most of the time they didn't really mean it.

However, Atlas' words made no one doubt him.

It seemed that as long as Quintin said one more word, Atlas would really kill him.

Quintin was the first to bear the brunt. Looking at Atlas' icy eyes, his heart was actually trembling.

This was not what a 20-year-old young man should have. It might belong to a fierce beast that had been hungry for eight days!

As expected, Quintin did not dare to say a word or even look at Atlas.

While everyone was silent, Georgie, who was next to Atlas, complained in a low voice, "Atlas, didn't I tell you a long time ago? If you didn't have money, I would lend some to you. How could you come with nothing?"

Atlas said indifferently, "I brought a gift."

"What is it? Tell them and make them give up!" Georgie said.

Atlas did not speak because no one would believe him.

At this moment, Zoee's mother, Lily suddenly came in.

"Atlas, did you give us this check?"

Lily held a check with both hands. She looked nervous and her fingers were shaking.

"A check?" "What's going on?"