KMA: Kickass Man A Is Back

Chapter 48 Solution

Hearing the word of "mother's love", the three children all looked sad.

The two girls were older and had a deeper understanding of this. At this moment, they couldn't help crying in front of the woman's bed.

"Mom, you've had a hard time for so many years!"

"Now that I've grown up and can make money, I'll take care of you in the future!"

Then, the girl in sunglasses suddenly stood up, took off her sunglasses, and looked at Atlas seriously.

"You are the famous star, Angela Campbell!" Augustin recognized her at first glance and exclaimed.

Angela Campbell was a rising star in these days. Because of her innocent appearance, she was regarded as a goddess by fans.

However, Angela's identity was very mysterious. He didn't expect her to have such a miserable background.

No wonder they lived so hard before, but now they could live in the intensive care unit.

Atlas also liked Angela very much in his previous life because she had almost zero rumors and a clean history.

After Atlas was taken back by his biological parents and became a rich boy, he asked Angela out several times, but she refused him.

Atlas didn't expect in this life because he helped Viviana save the child, it would have such a butterfly effect. The track of fate was changed, and he saw Angela in advance.

Angela took a deep bow to Atlas with a pleading look on her beautiful face, "Doctor, please save my mother. I am willing to pay whatever the cost is!"

Other experts still didn't believe in Atlas. Dr. Murton immediately persuaded, "Miss Campbell, don't be deceived by him. The negative energy is nonsense! About the environment of your mother's residence, he must have investigated it in advance. You are a famous star, and it is easy to find out the information. Your mother's illness should be treated in the Capital or abroad."

Angela looked hesitant. She darted her eyes at her mother and said sadly, "I do want my mother to be treated in the Capital or abroad. She can't bear the long journey. Doctor, you can find the cause of my mother's illness, so you must have a way to treat her, right?"

She continued, "I can afford it. In the past, my family didn't have any money, and my mother raised the three of us through hardships. Now it's time for us to repay her."