KMA: Kickass Man A Is Back

Chapter 44 Never Give Up

Queen Kane said solemnly, "Don't ask questions that you shouldn't. He doesn't want others to know; that's why he never talks about it."

Jennie bowed and said, "Yes!"

"Let's see what he lacks and give him whatever he wants. Try your best to make friends with him and don't offend him!" Queen Kane said seriously.

"I understand. I'll do it now!"

Atlas was sent back to Lanceham by Beckett. Beckett specially transferred the money to Atlas' Violet Gold Card which was customized without a fixed deposit limit.

With a splutter of apologies from Beckett along the way, Atlas returned to Avondale Road.

As soon as he arrived at the gate of the quarters, an old man in a long robe with disheveled hair suddenly rushed out from the corner.

It was Zander Scott, whom Atlas saved that night.

"Master, I finally found you!" Zander exclaimed.

Atlas was a little surprised. The last time he saw Zander, although he was in danger, he looked like a sage with a neat hairstyle.

However, now he actually looked like a beggar.

"How did you find this place?" Atlas was somewhat curious.

Zander looked up at the sky and put on a pondering look. He said excitedly, "Master, this is the will of heaven that made me meet you again. It's the will of heaven that made you accept me as your disciple!"

Atlas rolled his eyes at him. Suddenly, he approached to stare at Zander's. His eyes were sparkling like the sun, the moon, and the stars were swimming in there.

Atlas' voice was ethereal and hollow, as if coming from beyond. "The will of heaven is nothing. I defeated it once!"

The Eight Phases of Cultivation, one phase, one tribulation. Every time he ascended to the next phase, he would fight against the heavens.

In his previous life, Atlas was at the Immortal Emperor Phase. After seven heavenly tribulations, it was equivalent to him defeating the heaven seven times!

Zander was startled by Atlas and sat down on the ground. However, the old crook still had some skills and soon woke up from the illusion in Atlas' eyes.

"Haha, Master, you must be joking. The power of heaven is mighty. How can a mortal compete with it? Don't scare me!" Zander smiled awkwardly.