KMA: Kickass Man A Is Back

Chapter 42 The True Face of Queen Kane

Atlas looked at Beckett, who was still bowing, with no expression on his face.

From the moment Beckett took out his gun and aimed it at him, he was on the Atlas' blacklist. Atlas had many ways to make Beckett die silently that not even the medical examiner could identify find out anything.

However, Beckett was one of the twelve followers under Queen Kane, so Atlas decided to spare his life.

Beckett certainly didn't know that he was almost killed by Atlas.

However, Atlas would not forgive him easily.

"Apologize to me? You're not enough!"

Atlas said slowly. He raised his head slightly, and only a trace of Emperor Cosmos' majesty was enough to make ordinary people like Beckett obey to him.

"What! He rejected Mr. Jackman's apology!" Gavin suddenly found that after meeting Atlas, all his previous notions were overturned.

"Atlas rejected Mr. Jackman's apology!" Shelly repeated Gavin's words mechanically. Her brain seemed to be short of charge.

Even Viviana felt at a loss, as she could not accept such a huge amount of information all of a sudden.

Only Evelyn's eyes became brighter.

Beckett looked at Atlas with a deep shock in his eyes.

In Beckett's eyes, Atlas was like a giant. He was so tall that no one dared look directly at him.

He was just a common person and could only obey him!

When Beckett heard he didn't deserve a chance to apologize to Atlas, he didn't get angry at all. Instead, he bowed again with a pious face.

"I know my status is low, but Mr. Lincoln, please forgive me. I'm willing to take out twenty million as compensation to you!"

Twenty million!

Gavin rolled his eyes and almost fainted.

Shelly goggled directly, regardless of her image. Even Evelyn and Viviana couldn't help opening their mouths in surprise!