KMA: Kickass Man A Is Back

Chapter 31 Cut the Rough Stone

The host walked to the edge of the stage. The waitress in a red dress held the rough stone and followed him with a smile.

"Sir, congratulations on buying this stone. Would you like to cut it open on the spot?" Asked the host with a smile.

Joseph's face darkened. "Yes!"

On the other side, Ruben chuckled, "Don't bother! It's just a trash!"

"Shut up!" Joseph glared angrily at him.

Ruben spat out a smoke ring at him like a rogue and said, "Trash, Trash, It's a trash!"

Joseph was at his wit's end!

"Forget it, Joseph. Don't lower yourself to his level. Let's see whether you lose or earn." Shelly was eager to know if there was any top-grade gem in the rough stone.

The waitress had already brought the rough stone to the corner of the stage, where there was a professional in charge of cutting stones.

The host shouted, "The first rough stone is cutting right now. I hope this gentleman can make a huge earning!"

The man began to polish carefully. With the polishing, the level inside became more and more green.

"This is a sign of a top-class gem!" Bill couldn't help but stand up, staring at the stone excitedly.

Joseph, Gavin, and the others also stood up excitedly with expectation.

Only Tobias could keep calmness and still sit on the seat, staring at Atlas.

Ruben looked sullen. He asked Atlas in a low voice, "Atlas, it seems that the price of this stone is about to soar! Are you mistaken?"

Atlas said indifferently, "Keep watching."

Ruben immediately fell silent.

The host shouted, "Oh, congratulations, sir. This is a prelude to a great price increase. Last time, a gentleman got an Imperial Geen Emerald from a rough stone which was exactly the same as this one."

Joseph became even more confident. He couldn't help but look at Ruben and Atlas. "Mr. Kimmerly, thank you for giving this rough stone to me!"