KMA: Kickass Man A Is Back

Chapter 24 Pay the Bill

As soon as he said that, the others looked at Atlas at the same time.

Joseph laughed mockingly, "Atlas, everyone knows that you're a good-for-nothing. How do you pay?"

"Don't find an excuse to run away after Viviana bought the clothes and ask you to pay the bill!"

Gavin said in a strange tone, "You'd better quit bluffing. If you don't have enough money to pay the bill later, you'll only embarrass Viviana."

Shelly was even more direct. She looked at Atlas and asked, "Hey, do you have enough money?"

Evelyn also did not believe that Atlas had money. She felt that Atlas was enraged by Tobias and others to say such words.

"Atlas, the things here are not cheap. You have to think clearly. Don't promise something beyond your ability just because you were impulsive."

In her previous life, Evelyn had helped Atlas. In this life, this ethereal girl was still as kind as ever.

Atlas smiled at Evelyn and said, "Don't worry. I always keep my promises."

Viviana stared at Atlas and said in a cold voice, "Don't force yourself. Where did you get the money?"

When Ronald Kimmerly gave Atlas a Violet Gold Card, Viviana was not present. Although Viviana had seen Atlas take out the card in Sealada Hotel, she did not know that the card had a million bucks in it.

"Don't you worry about that. Just buy whatever you want." Atlas looked indifferent. Viviana successfully provoked him.

Viviana just wanted to remind Atlas not to get himself in greater humiliation.

However, when Viviana saw Atlas' arrogant expression, she swallowed her words. Since Atlas wanted to show off, let him do it!

Seeing that Atlas has taken the bait, Joseph immediately smiled smugly and said, "Three beautiful ladies, you can start shopping now. Remember, no need to save money for us. You've got your only chance today!"

"Let's go empty the shelves!" Shelly winked at Joseph and pulled Viviana and Evelyn to the most expensive counter.