KMA: Kickass Man A Is Back

Chapter 23 Making Things Difficult

Atlas walked to the front of Tobias' car. Viviana was in this car, so he needed to get in too.

However, Viviana said directly, "You can take another car!"

Hearing Viviana's words, Joseph hurriedly stretched out his head and shouted, "My car can't take anyone anymore."

A smirk appeared on Shelly's face. "Gavin's car is full too. Why don't you go back?"

"Don't be like this!" Evelyn couldn't stand it anymore. There were still a lot of seats.

"Atlas, sit with me!" Evelyn helped Atlas out.

Although Evelyn always looked like a unemotional goddess, she was actually very kind and couldn't stand Joseph bullying Atlas.

Seeing that Evelyn was angry, Shelly had to give up.

Joseph didn't want to offend Evelyn, so he could only shouted, "Come up!"

Atlas glanced at Evelyn and nodded at her, "Thank you for your kindness. But I still have to sit with my wife!"

As he spoke, Atlas stood by the car window and quietly looked at Viviana in the car.

"I promised Aunt Francis to protect you. I should sit with you." Atlas' expression was calm and his voice was firm.

Viviana Sinclair stared at Atlas coldly and said with a cold face, "You don't need to worry about my safety."

Sitting in the driver's seat, Tobias narrowed his eyes slightly and his face turned cold. He look at Atlas and said, "Do you think I can't protect Viviana?"

Atlas looked at him, nodded seriously, and replied, "Yes."

In his previous life, Atlas did not attend Shelly's birthday party with Viviana, but later he heard about it.

These people provoked a big shot that day who didn't even give Tobias face, and directly detained them.

Later, Mr. Morrison, Deputy Mayor of Lanceham, pleaded with this big shot to release Tobias and the others.