KMA: Kickass Man A Is Back

Chapter 16 Glazed Pottery

In Christopher's study, there was a tea table in the middle and three wooden racks, which were full of all kinds of antiques.

"Wait a minute, Mr. Lincoln!"

Christopher walked to the wooden rack, picked up a sandalwood box, and took out a vase from it.

Seeing this, Bianca, who had barged into the room, suddenly let out a surprised cry. "Grandpa, how can you show such an important thing to an outsider?"

Christopher scolded, "Nonsense. I asked Mr. Lincoln to help me!"

"Mr. Lincoln, please continue!"

Bianca walked over briskly and stood by. And her delicate face was full of vigilance as she looked at Atlas Lincoln.

As if she was saying that, I must expose your scheme, big liar!

Atlas didn't bother to care about this spoiled little girl. He focused all his attention on the vase in front of him.

Although this vase did not contain Spiritual Power, Atlas could feel that it exuded an ancient energy.

Most people relied on knowledge to appraise antiques, and cultivators could completely distinguish the authenticity by the "Energy" on it.

Every ancient object had an ancient energy, or aura.

Atlas studied the vase carefully. It was clearly an antique. However, the paint of the outer layer suggested the rough workmanship, which was enough for everyone, even a layman like Atlas to tell that it was a fake one.

This was really odd. No wonder even an expert like Christopher couldn't distinguish.

"Mr. Lincoln, can you find anything?" Christopher asked expectantly.

Atlas did not say a word and continued to size it up.

Bianca said sarcastically, "Grandpa, I've already said that he's only one or two years older than me. What kind of appraisal experience would he have? You see that now?"

Lincoln found the Buddha statue in the antique store by chance?

don't know it, then stop pretending. I’m here, and you can't deceive my grandfather! Bianca raised his delicate face

lightly, "You've studied

"Grandpa, look, he doesn’t

appeared on Christopher's face. However, Atlas was invited by him. Even if Atlas could not see through it, he had to treat him with courtesy.

Mr. Lincoln or you'll be given

and she chuckled, "Grandpa, I won't say anything else."

she made a face at Atlas and stuck out her

girl was unruly and willful, she was not a bad person and was just in the rebellious period, who wouldn't

Hamilton, please

research, this vase looked like a replica. However, the inside of this vase is a real glazed

have done a lot of appraisals and went through many books and scrolls to prove that the inner material of this

How did these two completely different workmanships appear on the

she was a child, so she was also interested


he said happily, "Mr. Lincoln, you have the answer?"

Atlas nodded.

moment as well.

my grandfather has been studying it for so long, but he still can't figure it out. How can you see it in

mysterious smile, Atlas grabbed the vase and gently hit


a crisp sound, a piece of the vase was

doing? Do you know how much my grandfather spent to buy this vase?" Bianca's face was filled with anger as

vase on the table and ignored Bianca. Instead, he smiled at

believed that Christopher should be able to

face suddenly became serious. He waved his hand to stop Bianca from scolding Atlas again, and said in a trembling voice, "I

and bowed respectfully to Atlas. "Mr. Lincoln is really an expert. I admire you!"

Hamilton, you're welcome. The bystander sometimes would see more clearly than the person involved. You couldn't find

such a young age, but is not complacent at all. You are better than countless people in the antique world

our vase. And now you're complimenting him!" Bianca yelled

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