Fattie was instantly attracted by that ring.

In the next moment, Fattie disappeared and popped near the ring.

He picked up the ring as a hint of confusion flashed through his eyes.

A familiar aura.

Who was this?

Why would there be a familiar aura?

However, in the next second, a hint of joy crossed Fattie's face.

He smelled woman.

This ring actually belonged to a woman.

Could she be a beauty?

Fattie was lost in reverie.



Meanwhile, Jacob left the inner hall after putting away the storage ring.

Apart from the inner hall, there were many other rooms in the Ullr Hall.

However, Jacob had searched the whole hall with his spiritual will before.

There wasn't much Jacob needed.

In the entire Ullr Hall, that spirit spring was the most useful to him.

However, he wasn't in a hurry to absorb the energy of that spiritual spring.

After leaving Ullr Hall, Jacob instantly appeared in the other side hall.

It was much smaller than the main hall, the Ullr Hall.

Inside it were some weapons, but many of them were already damaged.

Only two of them remained intact. One was a sword made of crystal, emitting a cold light, and the other was a whip, looking like a willow branch.

They were both offensive magical artifacts. Moreover, they could be considered the most powerful among offensive magical artifacts. It could be said that they were more than offensive magical artifacts.

However, they were not as powerful as Magic Treasures.

Maybe Quasi-Magic Treasure was more accurate.

really like

he still stretched out and

use them, his subordinates would

the two Quasi-Magic Treasures, Jacob checked

of magical artifacts, there were also some cultivation rooms that were powered by spirit stones. In addition to

the disciples of the Ullr to

Again, Jacob disappeared.

lightning, he rushed into the side hall where

the West Hall. In

no different from that of the West

no arsenal in this hall but a room with books. And now, Shaan was in

concentrating on

will swept, and in Shaan's hand was

was now

Sword wasn't Shaan's expertise.

the Hand of the God, used his

stop him

was shocked to see Jacob suddenly

He actually didn't notice at

kill him, he wouldn't even be able to detect a sneak attack of

Sword Technique should serve no more than a reference. The Eastern Emperor Fist Scripture however, should be

Eastern Emperor Fist Scripture with his spiritual will.

Shaan was surprised.

I can't read these

He was slightly embarrassed.

the four words. He was also shocked that Jacob was so generous


picked out this book, it meant

the fact he didn't know these characters

didn't have

the characters of the cultivation world. It was understandable that Shaan couldn't

believe me, open your knowledge center and I will pass

hesitation flashed across

dangerous to open knowledge center to

increase especially in the face of a virtuoso like Jacob. Jacob might not be able to kill him in one

could instantly erupt with

so, Shaan could only wait

that, Jacob just ignored him

could gain the fortuity depended

suddenly looked at

initiative to open his knowledge

to kill him, he would

curled up his


intangible book appeared in

none other than the Eastern Emperor

that Shaan couldn't read before had now completely transformed into spiritual energy,


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