I've Been There Before (Grace and Caden)

Chapter 22 Are You Shunning Me?

The sun went down and the afterglow of the setting sun shone into the ward.

Gloria stood up and looked gently at the hospital bed. The woman on the bed was sickly pale. In the warm light of the setting sun, she huddled in the quilt and fell asleep again.

dust as she was about to leave the ward, Grace suddenly opened her eyes and murmured, "Gloria, I have to pay my debt. I have nothing left, I only have myself. Is it okay for me to use myself?"

As soon as she finished speaking, she closed her eyes again and fell asleep.

Gloria felt as if her heart was pricked by needles and felt many emotions at once.

Grace was so much in pain and so determined in paying back her debt... Gloria could not believe that such a person would do that kind of horrible thing.

Grace said that everyone was scolding her for being mean and lowly... Grace? Mean and lowly? lf Grace was lowly and mean then who was noble and righteous in the world?

This silly girl...Gloria admired her pridel

Back at that time, Gloria would cry bitterly when there was no one, and she even thought about killing herself, but Grace, a silly girl, bore all this without even saying a word.

In other people's eyes, grace sold her dignity for the sake of money. But this woman didn't even glance at the money once and handed it over.

Others didn't understand, but Gloria knew this silly little idiot didn't need her dignity; and what she exchanged for it was not money - it was freedom.

That man, Caden Shaw, used five million to take away an innocent womars freedom.

These five million are an astronomical figure for her now, and she was bound firmly to this kind of invisible shackle.

Right now, Grace, this silly woman, was exhausting all her strength to break away from the shackles.

When an egg runs towards a stone to hit it, it knows clearly that it will break, but it still doesn't surrender. Mr. Shaw, aren't you going a bit too far with this?

As the night fell, Gloria returned to the Royal Club.

Just as she entered the office,

"Where is she?"

"Mr. Shaw? Who are you asking about?" Gloria didn't expect that Caden would be waiting for her in her office.

"Grace James, where is she?”

mentioned Grace. Hearing him say

her boss, and his methods were

Gloria said reluctantly, 'Grace .James asked for

her,' The man on the sofa said indifferently, Who allowed her to take leave.

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lost her life. When the ambulance took her to the hospital, she had a high fever of 42 degrees. The doctor said that if I was even a little bit late, he would not have been able


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out of the office. When passing by Gloria, he asked, "Which


What did


Hospital, inpatient department Ward No. 7012." In order to give Grace a good recuperation environment, plus that Grace's condition was very bad at that time, Gloria decided not to save


from the hospital. When I left, she had just fallen asleep.' She meant to imply that it was not a good idea


today's work and will make some soup for her and send it to her." Gloria


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be there to receive it in fifteen minutes. Please be quick. 'After that, he hung up

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