I've Been There Before

Chapter 21 Caden! Did You Hear It?


When a person has fallen down to a certain degree, the baseline is just to be alive.


Grace looked at Ruby. Ruby's young and soft face, and her promising and colorful life, had all been beyond her reach her whole life.


“Grace! How can you just stand there and laugh?” Ruby stamped her feet, “Grace, I am telling you, no matter how much money you earn, it's all useless because everyone thinks so low of you! The female models in the P.R. departments with their sugar daddies are better than you! What you did... you don't even have any self-respect! Who would respect you?”


Having finished saying what she wanted, Ruby snorted, not even looking at Grace anymore. Grace stood there quietly for a long time before going back to her bedroom. Tiredness was evident on her face and Ruby's words... I only came here to earn some money for tuition and living expenses. I would never do anything like that for money like you.


Grace smiled... She too, just worked here to earn some living expenses, to have this place to shelter her from the rain and wind. .Just so she could eat enough and not have to beg on the streets. Who wanted that kind of money?


lf she had known that, at that time, in the 606 room, her concern about Ruby and what the others were doing to her would cause her this much trouble today; if she was allowed again to choose between stepping in or ignoring... would she do the same?


Grace fell asleep thinking about it.


She woke up to find herself in the hospital.


"You are awake"


Grace opened her eyes and called out in a low voice, “Gloria, where am I?" Her throat hurt when she spoke.


"Hospital." Gloria replied as she peeled an apple and cut it into small pieces. She picked up a piece with a toothpick and fed it to Grace, "Eat something first and then talk."


Grace was a little flustered at the sudden care, but she still accepted the fruit and ate it, 'Gloria, why am I in the hospital?"


Hearing this, Gloria felt angry.


many days have you had a high fever?" If it wasn't for the fact that she didn't see Grace come to work last night and decided to check up on her because


night, so Í went to your place to see if you were alright. Your temperature was so high that l could even have fried eggs on you. l called 120 in a hurry. When I sent you to the hospital, your fever was already around 42 degrees, and


your roommates when you had high fever? You tried


that had not shed tears for many years became tingly and moist. Glorias care somehow became the only


more worried about gaining and losing, for ¡f she gained nothing then there would


a very deep understanding


a long time, Grace finally summoned up the courage to ask in a trembling

are you so nice to


to you. lf even l don't treat you nicely, then who else will love you?” Gloria saw her past self in Grace; maybe what she said


world is not good to you. lf even l treat you badly then who would ever


Grace was also a way of loving


were similar


tried to hide her feelings, but


silently again. Aah! This


can l ask you a


"Yeah, ask."


that man was really cruel, but he


expressions stiffen for a moment and added, "lí you can't say it then forget


years ago, I killed the woman


a piece of apple paused for a moment, then she fed the apple


to do such crazy things like killing


never cried or said a single word even after suffering so terribly from


see it? Even Gloria who met me less than six months ago knows me

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