I've Been There Before

Chapter 19 Rumors


On the second day


When Grace arrived at the Royal Club, she found something strange. Two or three people were gathering together and talking in whispers while pointing at her.


Grace was not really bothered. Maybe it was because that she, a cleaner, was abruptly promoted to the P.R. Department that had shocked them.


But the thing happened in the lounge of the P.R. Department later reminded her that she had been too naive to think so.


“Hahaha, here comes the dog.” The unexpected taunt made Grace's face bloodless. She recognized that the one who was pointing at her and insulting her as a dog was Luna, the hostess of Room 606.


“Luna, lower your voice. We're not blind, and we can see a female dog just came in.”


Luna was amused, “Qh, is a pity that you didn't see it by yourself. When Young Master .Joyce Lance ordered her to crawl on her knees to pick up the notes, this woman, with a clown costume and a thick make-up, simply followed the order and crawled on the ground. Young Master .Joyce Lance ordered her to wag her tail, and she also complied. Real talk, I was bug-eyed in shock.”


Grace felt as if all her blood had frozen.


She blinked her eyes in confusion. Who had turned off the light? Why did she feel it so dark in the room?... But in the eyes of others, Grace was standing there motionlessly with terror written all over her face.


But what they didn't know was that, Grace was indeed frightened by the sudden loss of her eyesight.


Although she temporarily lost her eyesight, her hearing was sharper than ever and she could hear clearly all the teasing and taunt of those hostesses and models.


That was why, for a second, she had a though of “I wish I could die now.” But at the next second, Leonas face, which was always filled with hope for future, appeared in her mind again.


No way... How could she die now?


She should live her life for the girl who died for her.


saw specks of light and regained her eyesight. Like a lifeless doll which would never get mad, Grace ignored the gossips and all kinds of wordy humiliations from the people


when seeing Grace acting like this. She stepped forward and pushed Grace, “What are you pretending for? Don't act like a saint when you're just a bitch! I didn't see your arrogance and dignity


so naturally, there was no way she could withstand a kick from Lunas stiletto. Then


should be gentler. How could you kick her onto the ground?” One of the onlookers began to condemn Luna. lt was fine to humiliate Grace verbally,


kicking a piece of trash, “Isn't it enough? Stand up. lt worf work even if you keep pretending. Even if you want to pretend to be weak


around and grinned evilly at the girls, “Oh, did I kick her onto the ground just now? Why did I have


the kind of person who would kick people. She kicked a dog




good idea. What about you crawl on the ground and wag your tail like you did in the

Grace ignored them and quietly propped herself up from


scene when she opened the door. Obviously, Grace .James, that silly girl, was bullied. Gloria was so furious that her expression tuned hard. She glared at the


now, but upon hearing Glorias words,


experienced it by themselves, they had heard about it, and none of them wanted to


you fight back?” Gloria was still


about anything or shedding a tear. From the moment when this woman gave her stacks of notes without any reluctance, Gloria felt that she could not help herself to show more kindness


just that... Grace

there work


before her, the anger in her heart crumbled to


“I'm good.”


'tucking good”


nearly swore


uttered, “There's still no work for you. How


tell me as soon as there is work for me. Although I don't have a good appearance or an S-shape figure, I'm willing to do anything no matter how dirty or onerous it would be. l can do those that


at your will.” Gloria shook her head and walked out of the


didn't plan to arrange tasks to


Gloria hadn't expected

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